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  1. Had to lol @ cadaver in image 1 Little puzzled over the microwave oven in the corner too (still powered it seems) - tasty indeed
  2. Engaging post and explore... Great eye! I found 2, 11 & 18 particularly tasty
  3. It is too bad :/ I will update if the originals ever surface... at least I got to learn how to post th the boards in the process. Now to get some good stuff going...
  4. Thanks for the welcome @Dubbed Navigator! LOL - I wish I could remember which site... it was probably a telenet.be website that started with an "M" though... see, a few years ago I came across a listing of all user pages for telenet.be and have been running down that list bookmarking some of the better ones in a blog post of mine called Cyberspace-Archeology - "The Dig" I was working on the "M"s when I came across the link (of course, I may have got it from a link to a link to a link... hard to say.) Shortly after finding OS though, I was setting with my wife in a diner across the street from a grain elevator complex here in Indiana and casually commented, "I wonder what those buildings look like inside?" The next day at work I spent several billable minutes exploring the many lovely images by @mookster here on Oblivion State and got a clue... Just looking forward to getting a closer look ;) Thanks for checking out the blog post about OS - I'm glad (relieved?) you approve :D CYa
  5. HISTORY wiki text: Riverside Amusement Park was an amusement park in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA from 1903 to 1970. Originating as a joint venture between engineer/amusement park developer Frederick Ingersoll and Indianapolis businessmen J. Clyde Power, Albert Lieber, and Bert Fiebleman and Emmett Johnson, the park was built by Ingersoll's Pittsburgh Construction Company adjacent to Riverside City Park at West 30th Street between White River and the Central Canal in the Riverside subdivision of Indianapolis. The decade of the 1960s was not a kind one for Riverside Amusement Park, which was losing attendance for the first time since the end of World War II. By the time John Coleman lifted the "whites only" policy (in response to a series of protests organized by the NAACP Youth Council in 1963), the park was losing $30,000 a year. Increased cost of insurance, maintenance, and new rides, coupled with increased competition from the emerging theme parks, were cited by Coleman as the park closed for the last time at the end of the 1970 season. All the rides were sold or demolished by 1978. The land lay undisturbed for more than two decades, until the construction of the River's Edge subdivision in the early 2000s. =========================================================================================================================================== STORY In 1979 my buddies and I heard that they were getting ready to bulldoze the site of the long defunct Riverside Amusement Park in Indianapolis so we decided to drive by to get a final look. When we got there we were amazed to find easy access to the grounds. With my trusty Practica LLC at hand we ventured within and explored for several minutes until we came to the stark realization that this neglected plot of land had become the home to countless wild dogs. Picking up debris for clubs we beat a hasty retreat (pausing of course for a commemorative selfie.) The pictures were taken on 35mm slide film... Back in 2005 I came across the slides and crapily scanned them using a junky flat-bed scanner and used those images to create the Animated GIF below to send cross country via email to one of the krew. If there is a prize for worst images on OS these would surely take it - but even in this 'State' they trigger memories of that adventure; so in that they are still doing their job... Impressionists Views of Riverside Amusement Park (circa 1979) I opened this GIF and extracted the individual images and tried to enhance them to some degree. I then repackaged thumbnails of these into a fresh GIF that is marginally more effective than the original. (shown at end of report) Ticket Booth Shoot 25¢ From Inside Ring-Toss Main Attraction The Weed-lined Path Wheee! Domed (Doomed) Skating Rink Three scared cats in a dog park! (that's me on the right rockin' the Frampton 'do) Take Two If I ever come across the original transparencies again I will have to get some proper enlargements made.
  6. Nice get. Fascinating how it is constructed from those precast concrete forms - neat-o!
  7. Hi everyone, I am a blogger from the Indiana State and a fairly new member to Oblivion State. I am "a cyber explorer of the web less traveled" and it was while randomly exploring Belgian websites that I happened upon a link to this forum. I have pretty-much lived in and around Indianapolis all my life and worked for several years as an industrial/commercial photographer. Although it has been many years since climbing/crawling around factories and such looking for "the shot," seeing the work presented here has me thinking it may be time to dust off the 25A-Red and Polarizer combo and see if I might get back into the "game." I have been itching to contribute here so I decided to kick off the adventure with a blog post about this website (features the first 10 members I have followed.) Check it out if you want: Illuminating the Oblivion State
  8. Number 4 is particularly surreal. Great set!!
  9. A little late to the party, I know... but have to say, Thanks For Posting! Motherlode indeed. I have been pondering the exploration of a couple of these locations in my backyard here in Indiana and find this collection a most powerful whetting agent!