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  1. New member here, have to admit i havent done much urbexing for years, I'd been going in places i 'shouldn't' since a kid, Got arrested when i was 14 for entering an abandoned building, no breaking of course as there were no doors or windows, and i wouldn't break in anywhere..... not saying i'm proud of my 'record' But i've always had a fascination with old industrial buildings, and i especially love the underground areas, Best memories were going on the organized 'underwelt tours' in Berlin, the Sewers tour in Paris, a tour of a dismantled nuclear power station in Wales... tame i know, paying to explore an area, Thing is, my past partners were always against my curiosity for finding out whats inside abandoned buildings, best i did with one of them was the grounds of the old Kimberly ales / Hanson Hardy brewery in Kimberly (near Nottingham) as that was my local site. I discovered Urbex from reading about the exploration of the Cane Hill asylum, would have loved to have explored that place. But i'm single again, and looking to get back into the hobbies i used to enjoy, of course i'd love to find a urbexing partner of the female kind one day. I was trying to get into caving/pot holing at one point too, and i am going to start collecting carbide lamps one day.... again was 'persuaded' not to by ex's, "you'll die down a pothole, or blow yourself up messing with a carbide lamp" My answer is at least i'll die happy if i do. I'm currently based near Scarborough, living with parents whilst i sort my life out, would love to make some new friends and go on some explores together in the future.