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  1. Hope this is OK here, as couldn't find a suitable section A friend of mine is selling a Tokina 11-16mm Pro DXii - Canon Fit lens, it's as good as new. he said he can provide photos or whatever on request £300 delivered unless North West based and can also collect He's also posted it on the OS Facebook page and offered to make a donation to the forum if it results in a sale If anyone needs anything else feel free to contact me in the meantime
  2. They let anyone in here Good show the other night, me and Maniac walked to the end of the earth well into the next morning haha
  3. Biggest in Europe no less, still it's had it's day..
  4. You'll have to be quick now, mate of mine is starting demo work on it as of Monday..
  5. yeah I don't usually do daylight, or derps I might treat you all to some drains soon
  6. Department of Employment, Aytoun St Manchester Not sure if this belongs in this section, and tbh I'm not sure I belong in derps .... Enjoy for what it's worth.. (My excuse, it pissed hard in Manc all week and so drains were a no go) I'll be honest I actually like these kind of places, iconic art decor buildings which sadly have been left to rot yes please! On the flip side a 43 storey new build & TC that will accompany it will make for a good new playground if it ever takes off Law of averages you will get busted at some point (fair) but always seems to be the least expected of places In the end we were surrounded, our exit was class as we powered up the canal We nearly pulled it off, except for plod popping their heads a moment too early.. we would have got away (unlikely) but still I'd like to think that haha All in all a good laugh and in the end we turned out not to be the 'terrorists' they thought we were Just a few pics and a video of the outing, as this was more a last re-visit for old times sake of the place before it's reduced to rubble for me more than anything Give me a drain any day, enjoy... BIG UP FreshFingers//Nickindroy For some reason forum s/w won't alow video link so I'll leave you with this http://youtu.be/Y9YQslOJaT8
  7. Fine detail, ticks all the boxes mate