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  1. Unfortunately I could not find much out about this place not for the want of trying. I did find out that is was up for sale in July 2011 but that's all I can find. It is across from a train station it was a 6 bedroom detached house with many out buildings which were completely run down. This place had been trashed from top to bottom looks like there had been a fire at some stage and the basement was completely flooded.It did look as if someone had once started to refurbish then I'm guessing that's when the fire happened. Since then it looks as if it has just been left to ruin. Some pics.... I did have more photos but yet again something went wrong!
  2. We seem it but some of my reports are the first places we ever explored so playing catch up lol. Hoping to have all of them up before tomorrow before we go away and do more exploring lol.
  3. Naturopathic mean - A system of alternative medicine based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs. By techniques such as control of diet, exercise and massage. I tried to research this place but yet again i drew a blank. It is set in 27 acres of Essex countryside. Could not get into the main building all entry's were blocked off and looked as it the care home across the way was using the back of the main building as storage. Photos.. Photos done with phone.
  4. Lets start with some history.... Tower Colliery was the oldest continuously working deep-coal min in the United kingdom and possibly the world until its closure in 2008. It is the last mine of its kind to remain in the South Wales Valleys. With coal located so close to the surface it was known by locals to be possible to drift mine coal from Hiwaun. This activity increased from 1805 until 1864 the first drift named Tower was started named after the nearby Crawshays Tower, a folly built in 1848. In 1941 the new shaft was sunk to a depth of 160 meters. From 1943 until closure, this sharft was used as the main "return" ventilation shaft and for the transport of men, in 1958 Tower No. 3 was driven to meet the No. 4 colliery workings, and was used as the main "intake" airways; conveying coal to the sureface and transporting materials into the mine working ares. The Aberdare Branch of Merthyr line continued north from Aberdare railway station to the colliery. While passenger services terminate in Aberdare , freight services operated several times a day along this stretch of line, directly owned by the colliery. This place was a GEM!!! We parked up and walked right on site it did say there was CCTV but it did not look to be working so we took our chances and the first building we came to was the medical building. This place was amazing lots to see hardly anything was broken so really untouched. We must have been there for 2 hours before we bumped into two other explorer's. We gave each other a fright stood and had a quick chat then went our own ways. The next building was as good as the first one. There was still mains water running also. This was a great way to end day one in South Wales. Some Photos and a Video excuse Dan's Giggling he was loving the place and the fact it was untouched. I have under 200 photos but Flickr only unloaded a few i think we had a power out as i left it uploading over night so have had to start the upload again. The VIDEO.... Please Enjoy......... Amazing place.
  5. I agree with you on that one The_Raw. .
  6. Its not to bad hun i had done the tendon in my knee the day before and was struggling but still managed to get in the building lol.. Thank you. Your welcome to join us next time we go.
  7. We will be visiting there again i believe such an amazing place.
  8. That place was great i loved it. We have definitely got the bug hehe even my birthday is a few nights away with lots of exploring planned as i could not say what i wanted lol. x Could not think of a better way to spend it either!!
  9. ROC Post Great Offley Hertfordshire 04/2017 Date opened July 1959 Date Closed September 1991 Location On an overgrown mound east side of the bridleway 300 yards North of Luton Road and immediately to the south of the A505 in the north west corner of a field. We visited this once even after work as it was not to far from home after a short walk we arrived to the post and pushed our way through the overgrown grass and bushes. from the outside it looked as if it had not been the subject of vandalism. we opened the hatch to find out was badly flooded. My other half went down the ladder as far as he could and shone his flashlight into the water to his surprise he could see a mattress the bed and a unit and chair. this was our first ever ROC Post. Very few photos as the place was flooded.
  10. `Thank you we plan to go back at some point. There is also a video
  11. We could not see a way up the tower unfortunately.
  12. Lets start with some history about this place..... St Crispins was a large psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Duston village in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. It was established in 1876 as the Berrywood Asylum and closed in 1995. In the architect's typical style already used at Macclesfield and to some extent, Hereford asylums, red brick was used extensively as principal construction material, with white or blue brick for decorative dressing, banding or window arches. Windows were of timber, multiple paned sash type and decorative wrought iron balustrading was applied to embellish the tops of canted bay windows and slate roofs. The most distinctive feature of the site was the water tower, visible for a considerable distance and decorated with a clock on each face. This stood in the centre of the main asylum, looming over the recreation hall to the south and administration block to the north and although not attached directly to either, formed a major part of the composition of both. St Crispin Hospital briefly entered the news when a fire killed a six patients who were resident on Schuster Ward, within the main building. Sectorisation and then reprovision led to the relocation of services away from the St Crispin site, with separate services being developed at Kettering and Milton Keynes, as well as elsewhere within Northampton itself. During the early 1990s at the outbreak of the First Gulf War, several closed wards were upgraded ready to admit any injured members of the armed forces should the need arise but this was never required. The hospital gradually contracted as wards became disused, eventually leaving those located within the Pendered Centre and the main building was closed in 1995. Its chapel was decorated by the Northampton artist Henry Bird. Following the Hospital's closure the Chapel was purchased by the Greek Orthodox Church and is now in regular use by the Greek Orthodox Community in Northampton. On to our explore myself my partner and his son went on this one when we turned up it was all secure or so we thought myself and the little one (not so little his 11) hung back in the car while his dad when and scouted for a way in. He came back with a way in and once we were sorted off we all went. so we got into the first building as always frirst thing the other half looked for was a basement and bingo there was one so went went off exploring then hear above us people running around then went quite so we made our way back up to the first floor with our flash lights on to scare the hell out of some kids who started screaming and running all over the place. These kids proved to be loud and annoying so the min we got the chance we took off in another direction as it was becoming clear they wanted to annoy security. We had a very nice explore of the hospital bumping into other people who were also avoiding the kids as we were at the time. We could still hear the lads running around screaming and shouting so when we finished in the last building we decided it was time to leave before we ran into security. Upon leaving we were driving out the car park we see all the young lads one comes over to the car to inform us that security and police were chasing had chased them off site. Great explore thats for sure. Please enjoy the photos. The otherhalf taking the lead. The other Half and his young lad. Please let me know if this is right or if there are any problems. Thank you.
  13. I have about 12 or more reports to write lol this was one of our first ever explores. we went to Wales at the the weekend lots to write about.
  14. Well out of all my mates I must. I the odd one out of all my friends I don't want a traditional wedding if and when I do marry the mr x
  15. What do you guys think to an urbex wedding? How would you go about it? No have not gone mad don't want a normal wedding!!!
  16. This was our First ever Explore Lets start with some history....... Kingsley Green is a mental health and learning Disability site located in Hertfordshire England just southeast of the village of London Colney. It was known as Harperbury Hospital for 61 years and has been a fixture of the areas Mental Health scene since 1982. It had two sister institutions Shenley Hospital & Napsbury Hospital. In 1924 the County Council purchased Porters Park Estate, Totaling 420 aces. The area was to become the site of both Harperbury & Shenley Hospitals. October 1982 the hangers certified Institution was launched. The new mental hospital was named for the remaining areodrome hangers on site. The first patients were eight males who were put to the task of cleaning out the hangers, which were converted into wards for use by other patients. Soon eighty-six malepatents lived and worked on site. In 1929 construction of new buildings for both Harperbury & Shenley site began. The new buildings of the Hangers Institution were arranged along three loop roads. The administaration building was at the front, just off Harper Lane. The first of the new buildings opended in February 1931 and by December 1931 the institution housed 342 male patients. The complex was completed in 1936 in accommodated male, female and pediatric patients. It was said at times 700 persons were employed at a time in the construction of the hospital. The institition was renamed Middlesex Colney in May 1936. Middlesex Colney as intended to be as self-sufficent as possible, with the desire that patients capable of working would work at various tasks. Male patients provided labour for the farming ventures of the institutions. Fruits, vegetables were raised and cattle, pigs and chickens were raised also. Milk was sold to Shenly hospital. Men worked i the works shops to provide needed goods for the hospitals such as clothes, shoes, brushes and upholstery. The also performed carpentry. Female patients worked in the laundry and kitchens and helped keep the wards clean. Even pediatric paients were given duties. Also a school was biult for the children. When World War 2 erupted, Middlesex Colney had 1,194 paients. The hospital operated as before other than nightlight was extinguished or blacked out to prevent it becoming a target for German bombing raids. During the 1950s Harperbury had 1,464 beds. By late 2001 Harperbury had only about 200 paients and Haperbuy was Officailly Closed. Thats some history on the place. As for this it was our First ever urban explore and i have to say still one of my favriotes. We had herd and been told loads of rumors about the place but that did not stop us. We knew they had security on site and scouted it when we got there and kept a close eye on there hut as we moved about the site with only one flashlight on us (a learning cure i guess) it was not the brightest light thats for sure. I used my phone for light in the end and took a few pictures.My other half was videoing the whole thing which was good fun. so this set us up for more urban exploring so we now have the urbex bug. these are not the greatest pics i was using my phone to do them at the time. we do plan on going back to Harperbury for a 3rd visit still much to see there. Not sure where all my photos have gone but this is a few of them. Enjoy.
  17. It was a shame dont look like it had been looked after much. the one we done on Saturday was all good but i had busted my knee so could not climb down.
  18. The Link for the video. As you can guess he does all the videos i just take pictures.
  19. Thank you. im yet to go inside one myself.
  20. it was 05/2017 It is such a shame as i bet back in the day it was such a great looking place.