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  1. Nice to read about your adventures and some nice pics to go with it. Interesting to hear about how abandoned buildings are seen there and the haphazard approach to security 😏
  2. It seems you have your pre-conceived ideas and that we will have to agree to disagree. However I will make a few points - It seems a pretty lame argument to defend willful vandalism by saying it will probably happen anyway. Most genuine 'urban explorers' would say that natural decay DOES NOT include vandalism. It is defined by the effects of the elements over a prolonged period of time - hence natural. One of alluring aspects of abandoned buildings is natural decay when the place has simply been left, for example the peeling paint on walls. I'm sure I can speak for most people here and say there is nothing to enjoy in seeing anything that has been willfully destroyed. To get some sort of kick from doing that is a sad reflection on the individual concerned in my opinion.
  3. Apart from accidental damage there is no justification in damaging anywhere you visit - regardless of what state it's in. Thats my personal opinion and I dare say most responsible explorers on this and other forums would agree. Thats what separates us from mindless idiots.
  4. Really ace shots. I think it's difficult to capture these sorts of locations in b+w but you've nailed it here.
  5. Haha It would have been an interesting cocktail for sure 😵
  6. Interesting to see somewhere different. I'm thinking the weather conditions helped to create a desolate atmosphere, which I quite like!
  7. According to a report in August 2018 there were 18 pubs closing in the UK every week with 476 closures in the first 6 months of that year. It's a sobering (sorry) thought for someone like me who appreciates an ale or six in a nice hostelry. There are records showing The Bridge Inn here going back to around 1875 although how far back it dates is unclear. It closed permanently in 2013 and planning permission was given for change of use. I had the feeling that work was starting on redeveloping it when I was there. The Welsh name is Tafarn Y Bont - I wouldn't say there's anything that makes it distinctly Welsh - but its a good example of a traditional British pub which still has a few old features. It was nice that it seemed pretty untouched in the years since it closed.
  8. Thats an interesting looking place, and in good shape considering its been disused for so long.
  9. Interesting collection of photos - nicely captured
  10. The reward seems to have been well worth the risk! I love these photos - there is beauty there even though there must have been a desperate place at one time.
  11. Seems like you timed it well to visit. Some great images especially #13 - I love that with the shelf bending
  12. Looks like a beautiful building, from the inside at least!
  13. Fascinating and mysterious place...love it!
  14. Hi Alex I'd prefer to say we have guidelines rather than rules 😉 As mentioned one of the main things to note is regarding videos...