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  1. Another day - another totally awesome report from Mr K! Respect is due.
  2. It has plenty of different names that one but certainly a wonderful place, whatever name its given!
  3. That looks an awesome explore. Would love to see more of this! Pic #6 is superb!!
  4. Also love how nature is slowly creeping in!
  5. Fantastic time capsule and very nicely captured. The old photos really do it for me.
  6. As you say, it's in very good condition!
  7. Not sure if this is a different 'St Johns Hospital' to the one I was expecting or just shots of it I haven't seen before! Anyway pics 3 & 4 are really eye-catching 👍
  8. Really liking this. Seems a quirky design and its a bonus to have a relaxed entry 😁
  9. I love some of these detail shots
  10. Some interesting shots. It would benefit from a little write up for example brief history, any story on how the explore went etc. Doesn't have to be long 😃
  11. Ace report! Not seen the shower block and lockers before, must have missed that.....
  12. Liking the atmospheric photos