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  1. That is a lovely place. Its great that its not been vandalised in all that time since being disused.
  2. @The_Raw don't want to rub it in but yeah it was rather nice @little_boy_explores @jane doe I appreciate your good vibes! @Andy its an unusual ceiling isn't it, I believe it was made like that as a film set after the asylum shut
  3. Plenty there to enjoy for those who like loads of decay! Looks a decent old mooch
  4. As I was flicking through old files recently i noticed that I'd only processed about half of the pics from here. So I decided it was about bloody time I did - this is the condensed version. If you are interested in reading more about the institution I would recommend reading the info on the attached link, it really is fascinating. https://www.countyasylums.co.uk/st-georges-morpeth/ Notes on my visit - initially I was chuffed to enjoy a stress-free visit as it was known for being a bit of a tricky one. Later that was replaced by bitter disappointment when I got to the most iconic part of the place (the ivy bathrooms). The walls had been completely covered in graffiti possibly as little as a few weeks prior. And I'm talking the most worst kind, no artistic merit whatsoever and no way of editing out in photoshop. Anyway I guess there are plenty of other shots that give a little insight into what it was like. 'Was' being the word as most of the buildings have now been demolished to build housing on the site.
  5. Hey and welcome! Nice of you to write a little intro to your interests etc
  6. I like how some of those photos look - quite moody and kind of abstract.
  7. That is a superb place, so many amazing shots which are perfect examples of 'urbex photography' for me!
  8. So much left behind - makes it very interesting!!
  9. Hi Welcome to OS Disclaimer(!) I am a citizen of the UK who has never visited the US (but one day I hope to) I would say that wherever you live Google is your friend in terms of research. If you're seeking permission you should be able to find out who to contact. The difficult part from my personal experience is for those people to grant you access. If you're finding it hard to get info on the specific site I would try to get a phone number of someone in the area who can give general info/point in the right direction, such as a local newspaper for example. Good luck with your project
  10. I was going to comment but I don't think there is any more I can add to what @Andy has said. Very good advice really.
  11. Seems like a few hours very well spent there
  12. Some nice pics there dude Shame you got busted but no drama is a good result
  13. Awesome report again @Ghost-Scooter looks like a very interesting place indeed!
  14. Fascinating place, one I would like to visit. It seems to have a 'presence' you can feel even through photographs.