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  1. Looks worth a quick mooch if passing, some interesting stuff left inside to see. Any sign of satanic rituals?
  2. That's an epic bit of industry right there, would love to see the pics of the turbine hall
  3. Wow that's awesome mate, bit careless leaving a spinal column lying around
  4. What a stunner!!! I love how they made these old places so lavish and it doesn't seem too tacky from being converted to a bingo venue. Shame there's so few left these days. Great report!
  5. Loved looking at this collection Mikey. Superb natural decay there.
  6. Still amazing despite the vandalism
  7. Not too shabby mate. There's something I quite like about being in a derp and observing people going about their ordinary business just outside!
  8. Epic toilets, and nice green tones!
  9. Oh my word that is absolutely amazing, A true time capsule, a very rare thing indeed!
  10. Thanks for sharing this. Sadly it seems that vandalism is almost everywhere.
  11. Looks an awesome place and excellent photos!
  12. Wow thats a lot of porcelain! I like the little studio with the old photos on the wall and it really feels here like you've taken us ob a tour of the building from start to finish ?
  13. OK so what have we learned from this? Desperate attention seeking ✔️ Failing to offer a reasonable argument ✔️ Repeating 3 times an opinion which is clearly ridiculous ✔️ I don't think there is anything more to gain from this thread so lets consider it closed