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  1. Lol 😁 just what I was thinking but thanks for taking the time to post the report.
  2. It still seems worth a look round, thanks for sharing.
  3. Plenty of variety in the collection and nicely shot. Also like the sprinkling of brief anecdotes in passing!
  4. Liking the way you've captured the wide angle and detail. Looks a pretty cool explore that
  5. That effect quite appeals to my tastes 😎
  6. It was quite recently, although things can change quickly in this exploring lark... Top tip - take wellies.
  7. Looks a cool location, it's great feeling when you finally manage to see somewhere you've had your eye on for a long time!
  8. Great way to start on the forum. I very much like the way you've captured the place.
  9. Some nice shots there and a real blast from memory lane seeing Ferdowse Clinic.
  10. Oh my word this looks amazing. Proof that there's beauty even in abandoned industrial plants!
  11. Hope to see your reports soon, if you got any questions just give us a shout!
  12. @KelseyEdgar If you need any help at all just give any of the team a shout!
  13. Quite a nice mix of subjects and a cool place for a mooch ☺️
  14. That's a cracker of a report right there - a proper asylum! Nice one.
  15. Great photos, enjoyed looking at your report.
  16. That's something a bit different, thanks for taking the time to put the report together
  17. Maybe I'm a bit weird but I've got to say I like to see abandoned beds, even more so if they've been left for a while to decay ? Here's my collection which I've tried to make quite varied Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite....!
  18. That's an awesome report...again! Great to see somewhere I haven't seen before. Sure the stairs are a showstopper but there's obviously loads more to see. And you've got plenty of stunning shots from using thoughtful composition.
  19. That's a great story to read and the photos go perfectly with it. I like how you've captured the abandonment
  20. WOW! That is an amazing collection. I love the ones which have obviously been untouched for years, awesome!
  21. Like those pillars and painted frescoes ? It looks like its best to get there quick before it all collapses!