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  1. Lancaster Moor asylum. Got on site, pressed my nose up to the window to see the amazing murals. Thought I'd sussed the access point and got busted by (friendly) security.
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    Here's a few from the dusty old hard drive I find that chapels and churches are a good place to find mouldy old books....
  3. That looks like an awesome place with lots of interesting things still there. A great way to make your introduction
  4. With houses like this it's very sad to see people's possessions and memories left to be looted. As for ghost voices, to be honest I could only hear the film maker breathing and their footsteps. Thanks for posting the report
  5. That's the thing - when you think of how many times this place was 'explored' and this room stayed unseen all that time!
  6. One from the vault. Did a quick search on this one and surprisingly saw very little in the way of reports - so thought I'd share my take on it. Back in the day this place was quite infamous - mostly it seems due to the few 'bad apples' that lurk within the exploring community. Stories of looting and selling out to the media were rife. It is quite a special place for me as its the kind of place that's close to where my ancestors lived and I can imagine its the kind of place they would call home. Its located in a wild and isolated place, it would have been a harsh and bleak landscape to live in at times but in its own way stunning and beautiful. I visited twice in the early part of 2015. The house had obviously been left unoccupied a very long time until it suddenly appeared on the radar. The owners had become aware of this and tried securing it. On my first visit I noticed a big new shiny padlock was in place on the outhouse. When I returned about a month later the whole door had been smashed. A little later all doors and windows were boarded up, leading to an unofficial renaming by one clever wordsmith as Shroud Cottage. It appears that also didn't deter those with no sense of respect in the search for 15 minutes of Facebook fame. Enough of the backstory and on with the pictures:
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    Very nice set that. I love pics 3 & 4 i'll have to dig some of mine out when I get a chance....
  8. Thats a cool find, there can't be many abandoned bowling alleys in the UK!
  9. Looks very nice that and especially like the deposit boxes in the last picture.
  10. Shame its been left to get into such a state. Been past a few times but not had time to have a poke around.
  11. The external pic above is by far the best one you'll get of this place. Its been a knackered shell for quite some time and now add 'burnt out' to that description. Once again a mostly empty and very damp building manages to spontaneously combust (again) around the same time as planning applications are submitted. Not that I'm suggesting anything suspicious has happened. Christ no, perish the thought
  12. Nice one , really like the one with 10 alarm clocks together!
  13. All killer no filler Awesome report!
  14. Seems to be attracting the wronguns. Not really surprising but a shame as it's a stunning place especially inside, and I thought it had a really nice peaceful atmosphere when I was there.
  15. It's great to learn about traditions I never knew of, and great set of pictures as usual
  16. Sounds like an interesting place for sure. Thanks for posting.
  17. Jesus H Christ I'm glad I don't have to follow that - what a collection!!!
  18. Every photo is excellent - still plenty to see! Enjoy your reports @Ghost-Scooter glad to have you back sharing them
  19. Thats a really nice collection of photos there. It was only a matter of time when the stage would finally collapse that was mega sketchy when I was last there
  20. Interesting question, however the link appears to no longer work...
  21. Although I might be slightly biased I can't see any reason for wanting to unsubscribe ?
  22. Some awesome examples there, 8, 21 & 22 look familiar