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  1. Some nice examples and a great idea for a themed thread @little_boy_explores
  2. Thats a shame (from your pics like there was a few access points) probably the most epic corridors I've ever seen
  3. Pretty much summed up by @Urbexbandoned really. Regarding access, while I'm not personally sure what the score is with the place at the moment I'd say that as you're based in Liverpool its not far so you could keep trying - perseverance can often pay off - I can say from experience! Also from experience I know that the more I got involved, interact, share reports etc then others will be more inclined to help with access and locations....
  4. Thanks for posting and welcome! As it happens one of my first ever explores was a place very similar to this in the UK...
  5. Speaking as a fan of rugby league, I do hope this place gets taken over by someone who puts their money where their mouth is. So far its still in decent nick obviously - there's some lovely features and you got some nice detail shots too.
  6. Hope you had a dabble with the table footy!
  7. Some sorry looking buildings there. One thing I would say is the running time could be trimmed a bit just to keep peoples attention
  8. Terrific report in every way, please don't hesitate to post some more !!!
  9. Some nice pics there and thanks for taking the time to put together the write up. Hope nobody was hurt too badly in the stampede to get in it's amazing what one little post on a Facebook group can do.....
  10. Yeah there's a size of 4MB per image. Alternatively you could use a free re-sizing software then direct upload. I use FastStone and I'd recommend it - quick and easy
  11. I love these photos, it captures the beauty in decay
  12. The 3 photos are so interesting its no surprise we want more!!!
  13. Interesting look inside that you had there and nice to have the architectural notes to go with the photos
  14. Very nice collection of pics and some cool angles. Not sure whether an explore would cure one of my industrial strength hangovers though
  15. Welcome to OS The main tip I'd say is don't worry about how 'good' your equipment is. As long as it does the job!
  16. A warm welcome to Oblivion State I can't say I've seen a great deal from Ulster so as said earlier, looking forward to seeing what you've been up to.
  17. Welcome to OS Hope to see some of your reports
  18. So much interesting stuff to see and very nicely photographed, as usual. Looks like the patients were well looked after there.
  19. Thats a beautiful interior, thanks for sharing!
  20. Looks a nice place to have a mooch around (the first time I've seen this) Nicely done
  21. Very nicely shot especially the ones with subdued lighting. Good that you got to visit before it was too late as it was one of the best of its kind.