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  1. Thats a beautiful interior, thanks for sharing!
  2. Looks a nice place to have a mooch around (the first time I've seen this) Nicely done
  3. Very nicely shot especially the ones with subdued lighting. Good that you got to visit before it was too late as it was one of the best of its kind.
  4. Definitely the explore of the year for me - all the way to County Galway to see an amazing asylum. Almost a fail (as were all the other locations on the list) but to get to spend a few hours in here was totally worth it
  5. Looks nice that - all the bits n bobs you'd expect to see in an old mill
  6. Looks erm...interesting!!! Merry xmas to you too @coolboyslim
  7. I can imagine its going to be a lot more personal to explore a place with such a personal connection and also abandoned places that have association with kids always have a bit more poignancy too. Great report
  8. Another awesome report @Ghost-Scooter!! I'm wondering out of curiosity has it been unused/abandoned since 1974?
  9. Thank you for saying Hi! I guess a lot of the stuff on here is documentation in a way. Glad you like it and maybe it will inspire you - there's lots to see out there
  10. There's some really nice features there and nicely captured!
  11. I completely relate to what you say about how this place inspires you and provides a passion for abandoned buildings. It is so awesome and your photographs totally do it justice. I'm sure there are some bits I've not seen before too.
  12. First things first - this place is a death-trap. Simple as that. And it's quite likely to be worse now than it was when I went. But as I have a bit of an obsession about redundant old cinemas and theatres I left all common sense at the entrance. The building still shows signs of its grand past but sadly any possibility of saving it looks pretty slim, although a Trust has been set up to try to preserve it and bring it back into use. The four-storey building, designed by G. B. Rawcliffe, opened in 1894 as a music hall, before being converted to a cinema in 1938. It was last used as a bingo hall in 1995. ^^^ Not sure about that!
  13. The P7.2 improves on its predecessor in a few ways (4 x AAA) and you can pick one up for under 40 sheets. Well worth it IMO!
  14. Knew we could rely on you to resurrect this thread @hamtagger
  15. Great to see some rooms and detail that you don't normally see. Even though the mirror is smashed its really good that in general its not too badly trashed considering how well known its been and for so long....
  16. Very nicely shot, and captured very well. I didn't see the chair when I was there... PS The town has so many abandoned buildings we felt we could have stayed for a week!!
  17. This is a spectacular location for sure, surrounded by wonderful dramatic coastline. If you've got time I'd recommend bringing a packed lunch!! You could be watching the waves crash against the rugged cliffs, maybe if you're lucky you might spot a seal or a puffin passing by. Here in 1951 plans were set up to build a plant which would extract bromine from sea water and by adding sulphuric acid would then create liquid bromine. The bromine was then reacted with ethylene to produce Dibromoethane which was a key component of leaded petrol. With the phasing out of leaded petrol in the 1990's the plant diversified into other bromine chemicals. Production finally stopped altogether in March 2004. Many of the buildings have been demolished but there was enough standing to make this high on my wish list - plenty of natural decay and lots of interesting stuff left on site. Its been fairly undisturbed due to a combination of its remote location, CCTV and onsite security. Sadly though a recent fire has badly damaged one of the buildings (not quite sure which one). The photos in this report are a compilation. I had to make a return visit because the first time I somehow missed the conference room and the main attraction for me - the medical area. I really like how much variety there is, hence why there's quite a few pics
  18. Greetings and welcome to OS! Thanks for the intro Nico Look forward to seeing some location reports...