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  1. Beautiful looking place, really atmospheric. Love the feel of subtle slow decay.
  2. Absolutely stunning! After seeing this its my #1 on the list to do!
  3. Very classy collection. Shame I missed this, looks like it was a heck of a place!
  4. Nice way to spend an afternoon. Cool find .
  5. Welcome fellow Loiner! Looking forward to seeing your reports... I'm still sniffing out local locations and its a good base for lots within a couple of hours drive.
  6. Loads of great shots, loved looking through these. And I wrongly thought it was so mashed it wasn't worth bothering to go. Better put it back on 'the list' I think
  7. Love this report and great pictures. Maybe one day it will get re-started, never say never!
  8. Excellent pics and nice variety. Really need to see this place
  9. Total aceness here. Cracking place and nice treatment!
  10. You can't beat this sort of place really. Smashing set!
  11. Love this! Doesn't matter to me that its empty, some epic corridor shots. especially the one with that clock. Superb.
  12. Top drawer, oldskool. A belter of a set!
  13. Lovely detail and very atmospheric. Excellent set!
  14. Just had a quick look at your site - got to say I'm seriously impressed. Some amazing images!
  15. This one turned out to be super scary access - it's a wing and a prayer job. Would recommend you wear brown pants And the site is part live too... The company was an industrial parts manufacturer established in 1930. They made tools, belt driven machinery, transmissions and electrical equipment, specialising in items for tanners and leather manufacturers in addition to glue and gelatine plants. They produced batch runs of specialist components and carried out renovation work on various machine parts. Most likely the works closed sometime in the 1970's.
  16. Not the biggest fan of graffiti but I've got to be impressed with these works. Nice decay captured.