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  1. Wow thats a lot of stuff left behind! Nice set of images.
  2. Looks like a lovely place to explore and sounds like you timed it exactly right
  3. Looks an interesting old place. Picture number 1 is fascinating, I can't quite work out what I'm looking at?!
  4. Interesting, I'm another from round here that never knew it existed!
  5. Not just the dress that's gone walkabout by the looks. Welcome to the forum @Dale68 sounds like you're exploring my neck of the woods based on your recent reports
  6. Yes this is the bat house! It's worth spending some time there it's not just trash, and lovely location for a picnic too
  7. Again the usual wonderful images captured. Is there any information or history to it?
  8. Welcome to OS Dan. Good to have you on board. I'm on the lookout for redundant hotels myself, unfortunately Devon is a bit far from me!
  9. This is where Henry lived with his wife Mary and their only child, a daughter. Mary died a long time ago and Henry had to move in with his daughter who looks after him. He is 98 years old. After much persuasion he finally agreed that this, the family home must be sold. Henry was a hard-working man with strong moral principles. He's been a prominent member of his local chapel all his life. Among his paperwork includes a certificate dated January 1940 confirming him on the register of Conscientious Objectors. Interestingly he must have had to attend a formal interview to justify his beliefs so had written prepared answers based on questions he thought the authorities might ask, along with character references. Also there was a letter dated September 1976 congratulating him on 25 years service to the BBC as a gardener. This is not just an abandoned house - its a home. In this home are meaningful and treasured possessions but also a home full of memories. This was a sanctuary from the outside world, a place to lead a simple life. [Note - I wrote the above in 2017]
  10. Thanks mate appreciate your comment
  11. Very nice, I do like a nice abandoned hotel!
  12. Looks like there's some nice bits to see, nicely done.
  13. Hi Matteo Welcome to OS and thanks for the cool introduction. Hope you can get out regularly exploring soon, there's so many amazing places in Italy!
  14. Welcome to OS Joseph, hope you can share some reports of where you been exploring. If you need a hand just give us a shout!
  15. This looks stunning, really like the old telephone.
  16. Love the decay there. I wonder if they drank vodka and sausage water at the fantasi-space disco 😂
  17. Awesome place and well captured
  18. I like that, well done on negotiating the pigeon poop 😩
  19. @Ghost-Scooter thank you for that explanation, I now feel quite sick! 🤮
  20. I think you made the right choice there 😉