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  1. You've got some cracking shots there, the one with the washing machines is ace!
  2. That is the nuts. Breathtaking stuff there, not sure how you'll follow that! ­čśü
  3. "the good lord had not prevented people going through´╗┐ ´╗┐the ´╗┐floor boards" - write ups don't get any better than this ­čśé Like the look of this place and great set of pics. In the name of the Father the Son and the vacuum cleaner. Amen.
  4. Awesome report that, really like the look of the place!
  5. Looks an interesting find, I like the ivy shots and the last pic is a good one.
  6. The old library is a Victorian building dating from 1894, next to the former public swimming baths on Wellington Road. It is Grade II listed and closed in 1996. In the years since then it seems that several ventures to redevelop have failed so sadly it remains in a very neglected state. Much of the original features still can be seen though, including a children's mural created in 1931 by Herbert Wood. I was just about to throw in the towel having spent a good hour trying to figure out a way in. In the end it was quite simple - with a little good timing and imagination.
  7. Awesome place! Pardon my ignorance what are the things hanging down from the roof in pic #4
  8. Sounds like an awesome adventure, cool place to watch the sun set
  9. Oh Yeah Ali Baba's kebabs Timing is everything but deffo worth it!
  10. You say its not spectacular - I'd happily visit here and explore it!!! Nicely captured.
  11. Wow I can almost smell the mould....I bet you were glad to get out of there. However that's an awesome set of images again!
  12. I generally would prefer no tagging unless its an empty space - then I'm all for work of this standard
  13. Thats a cool collection there Mikey, I enjoyed looking through that especially that tower given its one of only 4 left.
  14. Thats excellent content again - very nice! I wasn't sure if this is completely demolished by now...?
  15. So many awesome shots in this set - the list is too many to mention all of them! The old photographs are wonderful and also the detail shots. Interesting bathroom and sitting room all-in-one combination! I also recently visited 2 houses next to each other in the UK (both abandoned) , its fascinating how they both have ended up this way.
  16. I can well believe it took some finding, judging by how overgrown it is! Looks like an interesting place for sure.
  17. That really is a stunning location and you've captured it perfectly. This is one on my wish list!
  18. Its coming back to me now @Urban_Moocher....did you have a broken arm at the time or summat like that?!
  19. This looks very nice indeed! These places always seem to appeal to me more when there are a few pieces of furniture left behind
  20. I did do the DRI many moons ago! I'll send you a PM, when I get a chance, I'm working all weekend...
  21. Proof right there you don't have to have tons of photos to make an awesome report!
  22. Hmmm I was there a while back saw a note saying don't bother breaking in as all items of value had been half inched....
  23. Wow that's a bit nice. Cracking first report @Urban_Moocher
  24. Interesting, was this the one with the speedboat outside?