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  1. A solo explore and photographic tour of Portland Maine's Backwash drain. A tidal CSO. by Gerv 2012. https://vimeo.com/58277280 https://vimeo.com/58277280
  2. Thanks Paul!
  3. Hello, hello. My name is Gerv, I hail from the Northeast United States. I am the founder of UE Magazine and I enjoy the underground very much! Great site here and I am looking forward to being active on the forums. Cheers!
  4. Thanks Nelly, Solo can be very dangerous as well. Especially in drains.
  5. Cheers mate! Thanks for viewing.
  6. Yes I did Doug! Thanks very much for the publish and the package. Awesome zine and I feel truly honored to have an article in an issue. I also will be mailing you down a package, just to say thanks ------ Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  7. Great vids Doug ! Always a pleasure to view. I second the embed video option