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  1. Guys can i just throw this out there for discussion...ignore or mock as you see fit. Those of you who think wearing a Mask will protect you are kidding yourselves..unless you have a fit for purpose mask ,which i very much doubt many will due to the sheer costs involved,its pointless wearing one. Ok lets pretend the mask your wearing is a super duper mask and your breathing is safe,what just about every single person forgets,Asbestos clings to your clothes/foot wear/hair and just about anything your carrying like rucksack ec t. What happens when you and your friends have finished an explore,you go home see mum and dad or the wife/fella...sit around with friends discussing where you have been...whole time your infecting the area(s) and people with the Asbestos you've just brought with you. Spent the weekend covering a site id never normally work on..im retail (shops)...this was an abandoned/falling down factory (no photos as new boy..frowned on for obvious reasons..lol),one of the teams onsite was doing Asbestos survey prior to demolish,had a long and actually interesting chat with him about the main 3 types of Asbestos,he was the one who pointed out the pointless task of masks,as you"ll be covered in millions of fibres which then get taken home/car etc. Its a real eye opener seeing what they were having to do to keep safe..double disposable (looked like paper suits) suits...head covers,masks on and then when coming out washing each other down with chemicals before bagging the outer suits. The list of everyday items it was used back in the old days is staggering...its not just the old roof"s we need to be careful of but partition walls..ceilings...wrappings on pipes....bloody stuff is everywhere.
  2. Hi guys. Yes as the name would suggest im in security (retail...as they say "every little helps")....but i come in peace....lol. Back when i was younger (pre internet) urban exploring was just being a nosey bugger...not much changed there then,just bit more careful now days. Big bonus for me is the badge....normally show the badge and ask for a nosey about,don't always work but does 8/10 times.
  3. Have you actually talked to them..whilst im retail so didn't sector,still obviously know and chat to a lot of lads on site. A polite request and a bit of cheek goes a long way.
  4. Had a good nosey around this place at weekend...avoided the two guards as looked very unfriendly. Found many many doors wide open...wasnt expecting that. Did hear some rumours it's now being built on,or at least in the next few months or so ive heard through the vine.