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  1. I really love that old machinery and the marble control panels. So beautiful! ?
  2. Nice, looks like an amazing place! Great job! (:
  3. Amazing! Didn't thought this one was still possible. Good job! Still can't get enough from the rooftop view (:
  4. Very nice first report! It's great to see in which condition this one still is! Lovely! (:
  5. That's a sweet one! (: I really dig the bathroom. The peeling paint really pleases my eyes
  6. Thank you very much everybody! And also thank you very much for featuring my report, @Dubbed Navigator! @eyevolveHaha, that's exactly the one my girlfriend liked the least Glad I still took that one!
  7. I've seen some images from there a while back - simply amazing! I also heard it's hard to get there as it's still secured. Did you have any problems?
  8. Thanks for your kind words! I'm happy you like it! @jones-y-gog: There'll definitely be more stuff! I'm back in april, hopefully with lots of new pictures If you got some nice tips in Soutwest-Europe, please let me know! I've also found some older pictures of Kraftwerk V/Lightworks (quite crappy), a nearly empty children's sanatorium/home and the remains of Hitler's oxygen plant (not really worth seeing), maybe I'll can get a bit out of them.
  9. Hey everyone! It's been a while since our small Belgium/Luxembuorg/France-Roadtrip in September, but now I finally had the time to recall this one and edit some of the images. As I'm totally new to photography, I would be very delighted to hear your opinion on the photos and processing! (: 1st day:Usine Barbele The entrance was quite easy. The place where the hole in the fence should be seemed to have been closed a few times already; but everytime a new hole was opened just a few steps further. Arriving at the heart of the plant, we quickly made our way up to the rows of coking furnaces. It was a rather dark day, clouds hanging heavily in the sky, and we stopped many times when some loose parts made loud crashing noises, moved by the wind. We did not feel comfortable here, it seemed like we were not welcome. After taking some portraits at the big fans, my girlfriend told me she was hearing engine sounds, and we decided to rush into a small cabin at the side of the road and hide. And really, she was right: A black Dacia made its way slowly around the plant, passing the shed where we were hiding. We heard it stopping somewhere, opening and closing it's doors again, and we were in complete agreement we should leave this place as fast as posible. Hiding behind everything we found, we fled along the side of the way, stopping and quietly peeking back every now and then. 2nd day: HFB We decided to be quick with this one when thinking back to the day before. We made our way to the blast furnace, took some photos and left again. We'll have a look at the rest of the site on our tour in march. ET Phone Home I found this one online just the day before, and after a short research, I had the coordinates. After having a stop at a small park to have a look at a sculpture we wanted to see, we quickly headed over the fields toward this one. We arrived at sunset, and after strolling through high grass and climbing the small fence, we stood in the middle of those antennas. I really liked the view, but I'm not at all pleased with the pictures I made. Maybe we'll repeat that one someday. 3rd day: Diesel Power Plant Not much to say. The door that was said to be open was closed again, so we moved on to the sea and did not any exploration that day. 4th day: Salle des Compresseurs We made our way in from the west. According to the parts we found in this wasteland, it used to be some kind of power station. There are also some basement structures where you can still find some electrical gear. The compressor house was a nice little place - nice machines looking like ducks, rust, peeling paint, plants. Beautiful. 5th day: Power Plant X The access to this one was said to be "a bit dirty", but i really enjoyed it. We took some shots in the boiler room and moved on to the pumping room in the next building. Sadly we didn't get to see the big hall with the gas motors as renovation work was going on - the space was lit up like a soccer field and plastic sheets were covering windows and machines. Let's hope it gets well preserved for the posterity so they can enjoy that view too! Terres Rouges This one was easy. We heard stories of police driving around and were careful, but luckily nothing happened. The place isn't as impressive as HFB or Usine Barbele and in a quite bad shape, but there were some nice perspectives. It was raining cats and dogs, so we didn't have much time to shoot the nice reflections. That's it for now. There aren't so much images as we also did a bit of sightseeing and I sorted out a bunch that I didn't like or weren't able to process to the point where I could post them with a good feeling Hope you still like them! If you like to see some (but that's not THAT much) more images, you can hit up my flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums We'll do another tour in March (Be, Lux, Fr, Es, It, Ch) and hopefully we'll come back with more pictures. Maybe I'll also add some of my older images. And of course, thanks a lot to the people that helped me with the locations and confirmed my researched coordinates - it's really nice to know how to get in and somebody has been there recently. I won't publish the names here so that you don't get flooded with requests, I hope that's ok. You rock! best wishes from Germany, Nico
  10. Nice report and beautiful pictures! Much better than my snaps oft that place... I was there in September, and I think Centrale Thermique was already completely gone if I'm not mistaken
  11. Got that one on my list for some time, can't wait to get there... I'm glad the metal gods gave you that oppurtunity! Amazing pics, especially 15! (: That's quite some HDR work, isn't it?
  12. Thanks a lot for the compliment and your warm welcome! Yep, as soon as I got time to finish the pictures, I will post them
  13. Hey everybody! My name is Nico, I'm 24 and I live in eastern Germany. I heard of Urbex like one year ago and really liked the idea of it! Because my town isn't that rich speaking of Urbex locations, I was only a silent reader and viewer for a pretty long time, but some months ago I decided that I should go out and explore some places more often, and here I am! I did my first "Urbex" unknowingly at the age of 17 when a friend and I discovered an old transformer station in our town and decided to have a look at it as the door was open. I still remember how amazed we were as we sneaked through the building with eyes as big as plates. Unfortunately, the station isn't there anymore as it was torn down some years ago. But the feeling stayed, and I'm always ready for more experiences like that! Today, I've got a small EOS 750D to take photos and don't have to use my phone for it. If you like I'll upload some of the images I took at my latest locations. And yeah, we're doing a small trip through Belgium, Luxemburg and France starting on saturday, so maybe there'll be more pictures soon! (: best wishes and stay safe, Nico
  14. Nice Pictures, I love those rustic industry places! (: We're going there on Sunday, but I heard they tightened the security some months ago. Anybody who was there lately or can tell something about that?