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  1. Hey Everyone! Welcome to my very first Urbex..! My group and I went to these houses south of Atlanta that have been abandoned for a few years now. Unfortunately, they are going to be torn down soon, so anyone who may want to visit them, DM me ASAP! Anyway, The first house we went to was just empty and peaceful. The second house, not so much... We found graffiti telling us to leave; we should have listened. We stepped into the garage of the house and saw blood on the floor, and drag marks leading to the attic. Not wanting to see a dead body, we left. We're planning on going back to the attic soon in daylight. The third house was almost worse. We found some evidence that a serious crime may have happened there, as well as a swastika and a Confederate flag. We left without exploring too much of that house. On our way out, one of my friends looked back at the top floor of the house and saw someone in the window. We left quickly. I hope you guys like the pictures, some of them may be NSFW, the swastika. Otherwise, have a great day everyone! Be safe! Link to Google Drive with all pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/12y4aEjooNREuzS5ZMrjztkwrx2gIiinc
  2. First Post Guys! Anyways, my group of friends and I found an abandoned Gas Station south of Atlanta. Apparently, the gas station went bankrupt due to the county screwing them over. A new highway system was out in, and the road to the gas station was relocated, so in order to get to the station, one would have to travel a good 5 minutes out of their way. Not worth it. So the station closed down and now it looks like this. May go back to take more pictures soon, stay posted. Have a great day guys, and be safe!
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    That’s true. I built both of my drones and registered them with the FAA and I had to take a course to get my HAM radio certification so I could fly legally. I took a HAM CRAM, which is a 10 hot class followed by a test; it was the most boring day in my entire life. While I think it’s worth it, it’s certainly not for everyone, and with so many legislative changes in both USA and across the pond, it’s easy to see why it’s a debatable decision. If I were you, I’d get one now and learn how to fly and have a bit of fun before any more regulations pop up, so at least you’ll have some experience.
  4. Hey, I’m from south Atlanta, GA. Message me if you’re from around the Southeast or wanna talk about this area!
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    Hey, sorry I’m late lol. If you haven’t already found the answer to your question, I may be able to help. There are two kinds of drones, photography and racing. I do racing, so I have two very high powered racing drones, each only costing like $300 or so to build. Although I race with them, I do like making videos, so I put a GoPro Session on one of them and it flew the exact same as it did without it. So most racing drones are powerful enough to carry a GoPro, you just might not get the stable video you want. If you go with a photography drone, like a DJI Phantom, such as the one stoozie mentioned, you’ll have a lot more stability and video options. Have fun!!
  6. Awesome. Hey everyone, glad to be here! I’m a new explorer from near the Atlanta Motor Speedway, eager to get in and start exploring! I found out about urban exploration through the YouTube channel The Proper People. I got two of my good friends into them, and we’ve decided we want to start exploring on our own. Most of my exploring will be done with two of my friends, and anyone who wants to meet up, but I will be the only one with an account. Thanks for having me everyone!
  7. Do I make a new thread to introduce myself?
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