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  1. Brilliant crew shot there, and what a place.
  2. Stunning lighting in some of those shots mate.
  3. That's a beautiful fireplace with the wood carvings. Cheers.
  4. I'd be fooled into thinking they were taken off a tri-pod. Great set.
  5. Nice set, the shot with the bike is full of win.
  6. Brill pics, pity the mooch was cut short. Cameltoe..... haha, childish yes, but this is the first I've heard of this name.
  7. I'm glad I got there when I did then. If you can take a couple of snaps of the way the place is now, I'd like to see them.
  8. I swear I heard a banjo there... Nice set and thanks for sharing.
  9. It would be a shame if it was gone. I know they were trying to get rid of for years but I was under the impression they couldn't touch it now as the bats had moved in and they're protected. Maybe I'm havering tho... If it is still there and you fancy a visit, there are plenty of dry areas inside to pitch a pop-up tent to spend the night. Where did you read that it's gone Nelly? edit: just found this link. http://forargyll.com/2012/11/sold-polphail-argylls-ghost-village/
  10. I had to hold back a lot of shots mate, only allowed to post so many url's Anyway I'm off & running.
  11. The small abandoned village called Polphail was built during the early 1970s to provide accommodation for up to 500 workers at a nearby oil platform construction yard in Portavadie. Unfortunately the yard was never completed and the village then lay dormant having never been occupied. The huge basin that was blasted out of the shore was dubbed ''The most expensive puddle in the world''. There have been development plans brought to the table including demolishing the site for a new marina, however due this was abandoned due to bats roosting there.
  12. Thanks to Mr. Nelly for the invite. I've been a keen explorer since my pal & I accidentally stumbled upon a cool site in 1985, since then I've always had an urge to visit derelict buildings etc. and find the story of the place. I still have a historical site on video & crap photos up my sleeve since 1997 that may be getting an airing soon.. If I feel like it. Anyway, I'm a NP member from another forum, looking forward to viewing & contributing to explores on this site. So wishing to say hello. So, Hello.