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  1. I wonder, what would they do if we'd come there in a big crowd, like 50 people) I don't think they have that many security, and even cops in that village))
  2. Leaving the country there're Arcelor Mittal plants in Luxembourg as well The first question of cops was actually about our nationalities. Perhaps, they have some ranking, like when you come to a tourist office, they usually ask from where you are) Who knows more stories?
  3. And what happened to other people? I'm curious) Security said, they catch someone every weekend.
  4. Actually, not so short) They caught us after 3h of hiding) In theory, we could maybe run the railway until the place where we could go out.
  5. Nice pictures) That's what I can add from my side)
  6. I think so. Someone had already told me the same... Yes, maybe, they wanted to build another station, but then discovered water underground and now checking if it's safe to build it there.
  7. They could've do a better security there, right now whoever can come in, install some explosives on rails and walk out. It's good that we came just to take pictures.
  8. That would be actually interesting to know what would happen) Yesterday I had a lot of discussions about Belgian soldiers who shoots everyone without asking because of terrorists and so on. From people who never done urbex, tho...
  9. The worst thing that could happen there - the tram driver would report it and we would get arrested on one of the two active stations, because there is no other way to get out. And I really didn't want this at the very beginning when we didn't see anything yet.
  10. For those who is planning to go to Antwerp metro! Beware that it's Belgium, and the actual presence of trams in the tunnels might not be consistent with their schedule! Being already inside one of the tunnels of the active line, we suddenly heard noise behind. I checked the schedule in advance, the next tram was supposed to be only in 8 min, but it was behind us now! There is nothing in the tunnel where one could hide in, so we had to run to the next station. We managed to hide there right before the tram arrived (thanks to the guy I was with, because he found a good place while I didn't know what to do ). I don't know if the driver saw us or not, but no one came to search for us.
  11. With the works, there is actually one interesting thing - on wikipedia, they say that they want to build two new stations. We saw only one and somewhere around the place where the second station is supposed to be (there is just a tunnel for the moment), there is a freezing machine and ice. We also discovered some sensors that seem to be used for monitoring some physical parameters.
  12. Unfortunately, we didn't stay long with them - we were not alone... There were two cameras (the 2nd we discovered already at home on pictures ). I am not sure if someone saw us on cameras and came to check, or there were just some workers/train drivers. It was still during operating time, I think.
  13. In early 2018 we visited one of the new tunnels of Paris metro which for the moment (May 2018) is still under construction. Recently I was told that this place is no longer accessible due to active works that doesn't stop even at night, so I will publish some pictures. Btw, we managed to get in only from the 2nd try - there is a security guy walking around the construction site (on the street). The new tunnel is 2km long. We walked till the end and on the way back checked out the end of the active line. There were two trains. Soon we heard some noise (like if someone'd open a door) and left the place.