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  1. A few pictures from my recent trip to Stuttgart. Right before going to metro, already at the entrance of the tunnel, I recalled that this night the clock is being changed to summer time, so we have one hour less for exploring. Oh... Well, let's go anyway. We walked a few hundred meters and started taking pictures near an emergency exit. The first train was supposed to pass shortly after 4am. Around 3:55, we turned on lights in the tunnel, knowing that the metro service will soon send someone to check what the hell is going on there. The plan was to stay just a few minutes more, take a couple of pictures and leave, but all of a sudden I heard my friend shouting Oh, shit!!! I turned back and saw a train... The first train which for unknown reason appeared earlier than scheduled... Can't say who was more surprised, we or the driver, who immediately used emergency brakes We grabbed our stuff and ran towards the nearest emergency exit. On the street, we hided our sdcards in case if police stops us, but everything was fine. They didn't even stop the traffic. The last picture was taken some 30 sec before this all happened First 3 pictures are from S Bahn tunnels which we did the next day.
  2. I love metro so much that I go there almost every week) in any city I travel to ☺️
  3. It’s really great there) I go there a few times a month now 🙂
  4. Last week I tried to go to Antwerp metro to take pictures of the tunnels, but the mission was fucked up, because one of the guys opened an emergency door as he wanted to see how alarm works... I only took one good picture by that moment and cannot express how strongly I was pissed off with this... A few days later, I decided to go there again, this time alone. So, I put on my red exploring dress, took my camera and went down to the tunnels. I walked the line 8/10 towards Opera, crossed a few active and abandoned stations without any problems. At some abandoned stations, when you walk in, something starts ringing, like an alarm, but I disregarded it, and in half a minute it stopped making noise itself. At 4am I crossed the Opera station construction site. Wanted to change the line, but there were people working, I heard noise and sound of steps. No idea why would they start work so early, but I decided not to socialise and left the system.
  5. Hi! I am from Luxembourg, and I am looking for people in Belgium to go exploring together. I am doing quite a lot of metro, rooftops, cranes, and some other stuff. Some pictures on my insta: https://www.instagram.com/himeiji3
  6. Nice) I was there earlier this year, we encountered some people who are chilling out there on a regular basis at nights) We visited Croix Rouge and Champ-de-Mars last weekend. Still don't have time to sort my pictures)
  7. Recently we visited the Jean Monnet building of the European Commission in Luxembourg city, which is about to be demolished. The building was closed because they discovered asbestos in the air in block C. Unfortunately, we came too late and the most interesting part (Conference Centre) was already destroyed, but we managed to see the offices (mostly empty) and the sport centre with swimming pool in the basement. If you decide to go there, don't go to the building C, especially the lower floors!!! They have started demolishing them, we came in to one of the floors, and saw a creepy room completely covered with white film, from floor to ceiling, including doors and windows. Apparently, to protect the workers from asbestos. Just don't go there) Otherwise, buildings A and B are still fine. The keys on one of the pictures are from the data centre. It's now empty, they only left the keys) Here are also a couple of maps in case if someone wants to visit the place. The most interesting thing is that the building is guarded. Security are there 24/7. They are outside near building A, so be careful with the lights! At the level 2, at the border between buildings A and B, I left a short note on the side of one of escalators. You can try to find it) See the last picture, and the place is marked with big yellow circle on one of the maps.
  8. This happened a couple days after Vienna, but hell, yes! Our community is so small))) In Vienna I told a story about another crane, where the neighbor also called cops, but patrol didn't see us)
  9. I took some on my phone. Next time I will try to bring a camera. I usually don't take it for urbex because almost every time I end up running away from someone. I don't want to crash it) One conclusion that I made, if anyone wants to climb cranes in Luxembourg, do it after 1am. Better after 2am. Responsible neighbors are everywhere! Out of 3 cranes that we did recently cops were called twice.
  10. I want to tell a funny story that happened recently in Luxembourg city. We decided to climb a crane. When we were at the top, someone spotted us and apparently called police, but we left before they arrived. What happened further. We cleaned our clothes, and after a while decided to go home, but we were too lazy to walk around the district and just passed by the construction site again. I noticed a police car next to the entrance. While driving away, they saw us, stopped and started asking: - Were that you who just climbed a crane here? - No. That's not us. - Are you sure? - Yes, we are. After that they let us go))) I'd like to write a positive feedback on the work of our police, really)
  11. I wonder, what would they do if we'd come there in a big crowd, like 50 people) I don't think they have that many security, and even cops in that village))
  12. Leaving the country there're Arcelor Mittal plants in Luxembourg as well The first question of cops was actually about our nationalities. Perhaps, they have some ranking, like when you come to a tourist office, they usually ask from where you are) Who knows more stories?
  13. And what happened to other people? I'm curious) Security said, they catch someone every weekend.
  14. Actually, not so short) They caught us after 3h of hiding) In theory, we could maybe run the railway until the place where we could go out.
  15. Nice pictures) That's what I can add from my side)