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  1. it was always a laugh getting in and out of there !
  2. Was up there last weekend having a wander about, it certainly is re-sealed and looks like a more permanent job this time. For those that know how entry to this could be a bit slippery when wet there is a nice looking ladder under that metal doorway leading down into the gloom! Langdon hole was OK..still open :-)
  3. oh dear oh dear..you're all looking in the wrong place ! it's so obvious ! but seriously..the inside is trashed so unless you really, really want to go back I wouldn't bother..
  4. blimey..that place has been stripped ! it was full of stuff when i went !
  5. yer the poor old boy that owns it has had all sorts of problems..there has been plenty of objections!.. my mum worked here when it was a nursing home...i remember sitting on the terrace looking over the lake !
  6. There is a good bit of history to this place...you should have tried harder..access is very easy :-) and you are right..it's crap inside but the construction lets the mind wander as to what lies beneath the massive concrete slabs in there ! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.510662058958693.122917.155668794458023&type=3
  7. The chap who owns it is trying to get permission to turn it into flats, he owns a lot of property round these parts, but as usual, the local council puts up objections to stop the redevelopment of sites like this...it's a stunning place with a superb view ! It's been terribly ransacked over the years ! It sold many years ago for 900k !!! The property boom has since dropped !
  8. mine is here www.facebook.com/urbanexploring and here www.facebook.com/lillesden