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  1. Here to show how the s7 camera can be a useful device for any explorer that's not willing to carry equipment to high places or hard to access areas. None of these are edited in any way. Enjoy C Particularly like this sign. It says the same thing either way.. <<<
  2. Thanks, still getting used to using this forum haha! And we went for an old school but reliable dslr nikon d3300. Entry level but does the job brilliantly. Quite pricey even second hand nowadays still but was well worth it.
  3. Most of the floors looked alike with nothing worth documenting so we didn't show every floor, but yes this place was covered from bottom to top and back down again and the view at the end is what made it worth it. That and how long it has been sat there and no one has recorded it so had to be done. We are trying to look for some more photogenic places that no one has done. So gonna have to travel as my local area is pretty much done now. Thanks for the comments though!
  4. Built in 1871 but had been refurbished at some point. Now, I don't do heights.. So I was chuffed to see my mate practically run towards it in excitement and go first. It was pretty high and the grated floor was not ideal if you wanted to avoid looking down. The tower probably stands around 40-50 ft but exact measurements are unknown at this point. Apart from the odd clanging of metal under our footsteps and how wobbly it was, it was a good first climb like this for me! Got some snaps as usual, enjoy!
  5. Hi all. We have invested in a new camera and went out during the night to see how well it can handle the low light images. The result was actually rather impressive! So please enjoy the snaps we managed to get. It isn't a new area, but it is a good place to get some shots. Feel free to let us know which pic you guys like! Keep in touch to see some new places real soon. Cheers, C
  6. Falcon house. It's been in Swindon since the early days of this towns birth and has been sat empty and abandoned for 16 years. It was said to be the very first headquarters for the well known company zurich, an insurance company, but was promptly moved to a more practical and efficient property. The old office block is situated in Swindon town centre on top of a car park right near the entrance to town, which is an eye sore to some but a worthy explore for us. There was nothing much left, only old phones and some really old school computer stuff. It was the view at the end of the video that made it all worth it, being the second highest point in the town aside from the john murray building. What a view! So please enjoy this video by my good friend and make sure to check out the channel! Have fun out there, C
  7. Yeah i know there i've never been though Keep it up! Maybe one day our paths will meet. You're not too far from me but i've not really explored that far yet lol
  8. Checked out your blogs, they are pretty cool! I'll make sure to follow you on here too. I'm also fairly new to the forum and looking for better places that will be good to get photos and write ups on. I'll check out your youtube vid too and i'll make sure to give it a thumbs up I've also got a video we've recently done on my friends youtube, you can find it on my page on here Where's the best place you've done in your opinion?
  9. Really nice photos, loving the cockpit view
  10. I was expecting the same thing! Maybe somewhere there is a faulty one that got returned and left in a box with a missing eye or something đŸ˜‚ But the one we went to had been pretty much stripped entirely. We did manage to find the names of some of those who worked there for many years on our footage which is cool though. Thanks for looking!
  11. What's left of the south marston hotel, remains an empty, scorched shell. Not much to see on this one, and I am way to late but hey, it still provides an eerie vibe. And the photos came out pretty good too. Thanks, C
  12. Not at all tbh. Loads of empty boxes and empty dvd cases, a few toys r us signs but the snapper ran out of juice so that's why I have put the link to the video if that is allowed. I appreciate you checking it out though, and I do recommend you watch the video as most of the effort here went towards recording rather than pictures. And a thumbs up would be appreciated if you enjoy it!
  13. After hearing about the permanent closure of this well known super store giant, we felt like a part of our childhood was gone forever. In the store we visited, we found the names of those loyal workers written on the wall with one of those people having worked there for 20 years, but unfortunately we couldn't go back and get a photo due to my camera running out of juice. But all is not lost as there is a full video on my friend's youtube channel so check it out! https://www.youtube.com/user/Kirbsvids Here are the best photos we managed to get, thanks for looking. C
  14. Edited due to me thinking it wasn't quite up to scratch the first time round plus found more photos I didn't upload, thank you for bearing with me as this is my first forum, crabb
  15. With a 2.5 meter high, fully reinforced security fence, cameras at every angle and motion sensors tucked away in strategical places, this building was designed to keep people out. A load of good that did, eh? This building is shrouded in mystery, its former use was totally unknown and even google wasn't any help! Turns out it was the old headquarters for the Department of work and pensions, but they could not afford to keep it running, so became a rejected building for social security. No one has ever documented this building and not a single photo of the insides can be found.. Until now. Not my fanciest of camera work but the night time was the best time for this trip. So granted the shots could be better but with not a lot of time on our hands (and maybe setting a motion detector off) we had to make do! The building itself was actually very clean and tidy, in and out. Fair bit of dust and clutter from the stripping off pipes from underneath the flooring but no graffiti, no vandalism.. Not a single sign of "outsiders". Truly trapped in time with 1990's tech scattered, but nothing of worth, just old school things that required Ethernet and a few tapes and old floppy disks. For the most part it was quiet and things were calm, the main worry was watching for the missing floor panels and pesky motion sensors above a certain few doors. So I gather most office blocks like this are still protected (A company called 'clear way') which is kind of surprising considering how long it has been abandoned and I cannot find out anything to do with that buildings future. Originally used as a primary headquarters for the department of work and pensions, handling data and dealing with data to do with peoples income and possibly entitlement of benefits, sits unused and had been abandoned between around 2002 but the exact time is yet to be known. It was being used through the 90's that's for sure with lift service sheets with the last service being 2002 and floppy disks and tapes dating through the 90's. It is unfortunate we could not see the whole building, as out of the three floors it had only the ground and second were explored. The lower ground floor proved to be a challenge as that's were the sensors really were, so we decided to leave it and head out quiet as a mouse. But not without having one last look at the glass atrium of course. Over all this building is still somewhat a mystery and i'm fairly certain we are the only people to document this building, which is mad for me. This is my first real forum and I hope you enjoy the photos, Til the next one! "Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints" 1. scouting a way in 2. The atrium, looking straight through 3. 4. 5. This tells me they were short of funds. 6. 7. The windows for the atrium 8. Lift mechanics 9. The lift motor and pulley system 10. Service history for the lift 11. A letter (with buildings address) for evaluation of the one lift 12. Typical office corridors, minus the health and safety hazard 13. Vintage mounted desk with plug sockets built in 14. Huge computer room 15. Keys still left as they were since closure 16. Media storage units 16. Hand drawn schematics for lift dated 89 17. Lift room 18. Temperature gauges 19. Wiring for the lift 20. Very rusty keys 21. The motor for the lift 22. Lift schematics 23. The original blueprint before the construction of oak house 24. This still works! 25. Flooring lifted for strip down before being abandoned 26. Old school floppy disk dated 91 27. Media room and units 28. Stannah lift lever 29. Inside the vast atrium 30. Another angle 31. Vintage clock and safe