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  1. Say "Saltersgate Inn" on our away weekend and the reading is fascinating https://www.thewhitbyguide.co.uk/the-legend-of-the-saltersgate-inn-part-1/
  2. Spooky place i used to pass regular Denbigh.... that was it
  3. People cant get a home and places like this sit empty for years
  4. Forgotten souls dying in a place tormented... Every one a son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister ........
  5. Im in Alrewas... i saw reference to its Animal Rescue title, cant find a thing though
  6. I was told it had been put up for sale, i guess the estate/trustees or estate agents would rather it history disappear, it was certainly a pet rescue at one stage
  7. no-one wants to state where this is exactly....................