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  1. A bit of a pain in the back side to get in this one, they have really made an effort with those fences! There was no security though, once you find a way past the doubled up security fences it's smooth sailing. We did find one particular part of this place rather creepy, there is a rotten bed in a dark basement that was quite eerie and had a different feel than the rest of the decaying building. More information will follow on our website in a day or so.
  2. Last year we tried to get in Scarborough sports centre but they have seriously locked that place up tight, nothing on the roof, no tunnels or anything.So we just made a short video of the outside. Today I went back with the newest member of our URBEX team, the drone and got some higher up shots. Here are the photos from the drone...
  3. Yeh will do, just easier, and don't want to copy and paste the report as it won't be good for your website rankings on google or mine. Will make sure we write up another version for here in future
  4. Hi guys we have the history writeup and photos on our website now: *removed*
  5. Last year we explored what we could of the mostly demolished Harperbury Asylum. At the time there was a building that intrigued us but was completely closed off and we couldn't get in. Well, we re-visted today and it was all opened up. A few photos from that building below... the full explore information, video and photos are on our website here: http://www.britainsdecays.com/harperbury-hospital-history-the-forgotten-harperbury-mental-asylum-sits-abandoned-decaying/ This is our original explore video:
  6. We will post the photos were currently working on the website content and will share the photos once we got rid of the crappy ones
  7. Fantastic place to explore, very interesting. Those dishes are absolutely massive! Details on history coming soon...
  8. Cool photos, thanks for the background too! There is always a ton of bird shit in these old factories lol, every single one we go to it's covered in it.
  9. We are currently writing up the history. Didn’t realise Henry the 8th went there ?
  10. We visited St John's Hospital in Lincolnshire on Sunday, here is our video. Although we were told the security at the hospital was extremely tight we didn't actually come across any security at all! They must have been having a day off lol.
  11. Yeh I didn't think before putting the entry point in, it just fit with the point in the video. You know this video is 20minutes from over 3 hours of raw footage, it took 48 hours to edit together. I agree short a lot of the time is better, but when you have a lot to show! I try to edit them to tell a story at the same time as showing what's going on. Some end up shorter than others. I admit I could have done more to shorten this , some shots hang for a bit too long, that's after waiting hours for the render and thinking fuck it lol - I have also see many really poor exploring videos, some people either don't bother or don't have the skills to edit it nicely so you end up watching a mish mash of jumpy footage, where as we try to take our time on the shots and write history on our site etc thanks mate
  12. yeh good point, my mistake Another forum wouldn't allow our video they said it was too long and poor quality ... poor quality? We put a lot of effort into these videos to make them insightful and entertaining.
  13. We were told security was tight as there, we saw no security at all! Went through *access details deleted* . Glad you like it, the video needs some refining though so might pull out a second version on youtube
  14. Unless you've been to Scarborough you've probably never heard of Peasholm Park. They are currently demolishing the old boat house as it was dangerous. The Chinese gardens at the top never seem to be open so while the water is drained I got in. Bad idea was trying to walk across the pond bed, the mud was so deep my leg just sank and I almost got stuck. They made it easy to get around the big locked gate and up on to the bridge. I got some photos from the top looking down.
  15. Yeh the mud didn't work lol, buried my leg and almost got stuck, so just climbed up instead
  16. Thanks @Dubbed Navigator and @coolboyslim enjoying seeing what other people are coming up with too
  17. Hi @Dubbed Navigator thanks for the welcome, been here a few weeks now. We started urbex about a year ago and have covered some amazing ground since then. There are two of us for the big explores and a couple others that come along on local ones. I’m a software and web developer during the week I also do social media marketing and seo. Urbex is a hobby for us both and we’re slowlt gaining a following ?
  18. Love how well preserved the place looks, it's almost like people just got up and left and never came back. Find it really odd in a lot of places we explore that things are just left as though there was an emergency. When we did Shredded Wheat Factory in Welwyn Garden City we came across an office with a porno mag and cup on the table like someone had been there recently. Here are the photos of that desk... anyway great photos, I just have to share on our fb page but will link back to here
  19. Not sure if this is in the right forum. Park Hill Estate is a gastly sight today although they are regenerating it. This made for quite a creepy explore. We have wrritten about the history of Park Hill Flats here.
  20. No worries, following you on here now so looking forward to seeing more!