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  1. Yes it was, right by the main entrance, must have been used during Triage
  2. Yes many entry points but high fences and security. Photos taken through fences.
  3. We couldn’t gain access, we met up with a chap while there who took the opportunity and we later heard he’d been escorted off site.
  4. Lovely buildings, could only get a look at the wards etc that are still open. But still managed to have an internal walk areound. The older building still stands but no access was possible. Note the padded seclusion room at the end.
  5. What a beautiful old girl. Managed to get a few pics before the bulldozers came. Wish I had gone sooner and had a sneaky peek inside.
  6. I agree but couldn’t figure out how.
  7. Recent video of the beautiful example of what was the workhouse and Infirmary. On our first visit the seclusion rooms where visible now reduced to rubble.
  8. A random find recently. Previously a social services department and Children’s home. It’s been closed a while and I can’t find much info on the site.
  9. Here’s is Royal sea bathing Hospital in Margate. There is quite a bit of info on google. we visited long before the conversations took place and found some interesting little gems here. Hope you like them. there are a few of the Mortuary and the head block on the trolleys was very kindly donated to me and is now in the hands of the Margate Museum.
  10. I’ll have a rummage and see what I can find, however we didn’t get into that old derelict building. However we managed to get in one of the old corridors and see all the old hallways. Seewhat I can find for you. I’d love to get into the older building thou, looks interesting .
  11. Hello Thanks for the welcome. I have visited many sites over many years , and have taken a fair few photos. (Not of all the sites) Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Margate Nethern Cemetary Cane Hill Severalls St Peters Mortuary Tooting Hospital Bethlem Clifftonville Lido Brookham Family Centre To name a few
  12. Been visiting this place for many years apart from the old Workhouse buildings which have almost disappeared, today we visited the chapel. Here are a few pics Added an update of the workhouse conditions too.