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  1. Visited with TCake lightning visit, lots of negotiating with the the local people to find and the gain an access route to this one Carls Shaft Major investments were made ​​in 1949-1954 to meet an increasing demand for iron ore . Despite this, the mine closed in 1967, partly as a result of intensifying international competition and a decline in Western European economy around 1966-1967. [4] The annual output of the mine closure was about 250 000 tonnes. Pics ....and from the roof Thanks
  2. Many thanks to all for the nice words, the night shots where fun, it was -10 degrees that night and just a quick stop
  3. Visited this place manytimes tho never done a proper explore or shoot there always just nipped in on the way home or to work or somewhere else so this is an amalgamation . Graffitied to hell and back but still holds beauty, visited with DHX inspiring lady , inspiring place. No Historys im afarid i know they have permission to demolish it now. Pix [ The empty chair The not so empty chair x all feedback welcome thanks for looking More on Flickr
  4. Digging through files found this little mouch with Thestig and NIC81, thanks to stig for appalling directions in the woods an giggles History well done in the past no much has st saw a report recently showing not much has changed since we visited. Pics Thanks for looking, all feedback welcome Flickr
  5. Dating back to 1659 the bruk iron and steelworks here had a long and rich history suporting the local town and bringing the railway, after successful busniess through the 70s mismamangemnt and import export brough bancruptcy and many new owners , closing finally in the 90s, now some of the units on siote are rented to artists and the is a museum too. Visited with DHX amd two non members (well know swedish explorers) A great day was had , the site is so massive one day is just not enough and a revisit is called for sometime. Pictures External from back of building 1 In control kanske Doors to doom Long way down It doesn't say "Co#ks" These are not the droids you are looking for...... ChainZ n shiZ Thanks for looking FLickr
  6. Amalgamation of two visits to this site, first vist with (DHX) and second solo, big site still used by military fro training and has some active parts too, i have no real history on it given its swedishness and my newness to the country , it did have a kalklinbana of some variety to move lime from the quarry to this site. First visit shared with the Swedish Army so ninja skills where required Externals for Perspective Internals Flickr Thanks for looking
  7. Hi All fine exploring freinds Thanks to Nelly for the Invite nice to see lots of familiar names, faces people and places here. If you dont know me , im a long time explorer, into dereliction and old and hiddent things, amature photography, heavy metal and rock and hidden things, moved to Sweden last year and live with DHX Tack ian