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  1. I have found a location close to me in West Yorkshire that has been covered before, the site is nearly completely destroyed but the main barn and some of the out buildings still exist. I enjoyed looking around the site and turning it into a cinematic style video (i hope i aren't hated for it, my last video i posted on here went down well). Let me know what you think of the video.
  2. Thanks Dubbed Navigator. I'm new Urbex. I really enjoy the exploration and finding out the history of the places that I want to visit. I'm a filmmaker from Yorkshire and want to try and document my findings from exploration through video. What do you guys think?
  3. thanks hamtagger. i'm hioping to upload another video soon, i'm trying to get onto an old railway site in Yorkshire that i've found. also scoping a few other places that i'd love to checkout. do you have any recommendations of places that a new starter to urbex could checkout (preferbly around yorkshire)?
  4. I am a filmmaker and YouTuber, and i'm trying to get into Urbex. I really enjoy finding out about the history of the sites that i want to visit and exploring them with my son. Last week we visited a site in West Yorkshire. The site is an old fur fabrics mill and has been covered before on this forum. This is a first attempt at Urbex, so go easy on me! Exploring local abandoned mill in a cinematic style. Dudfleet Mills (Abandoned) - URBEX - Urban Exploration - DJI Spark Footage - Cinematic Edit