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  1. Smudges 1st ever photographic report - may 2018 Smudges has been known by numerous other names over the years from The Crofters Arms Hotel to McGees to Moghuls Palace but has always retained it's charm and character. A true time capsule rotting away in the heart of Bolton. Featuring some stunning hand-carved bars and one of two of this type of revolving doors that exist the other located in a grand hotel in London. The Urban Collective We Film It... Thank you for checking out my pics guys! Clarky The Urban Collective We Film It...
  2. Smudges A.K.A The Crofters Arms Hotel and McGees first ever video report May 2018 The Urban Collective We Film It...
  3. Plenty pal if you have a genuine passion for exploration? Yeah I think its seriously sad m8 why people want to trash something that actually looks so nice I mean the ground floor was stunning man.
  4. A stunning grade two listed gem decaying right on the high street. Featuring the stunning architecture of Alfred Waterhouse who also designed Strangeways prison the Manchester town hall. The main building has been used for many different purposes over the years as well as Prudential themselves. And the basement club was once a Berni inns restaurant (Cafe Monico) a chain that served a post-war British public such delight's as sherry schooners steak and chips and black forest gateau as well as becoming a dance club in the 90's. We had a wonderful two hours in this grade two listed time capsule. Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed the explore. Thanks for any feedback The Urban Collective We Film It...
  5. Yeah, Im on it m8 got ten thousand views on one of my last facebook vids pretty much killing it on there pal.
  6. Hey, guys here's my video report on the #post-apocalyptic #Camelot #ThemePark. I've already made a photographic report with a full history etc so I won't bore you with that here as it is featured in the footage. Thanks for any feedback guys take it, easy man. PEACE The Urban Collective We Film It...
  7. Thanks Dubbed I appreciate that m8 Im getting really good feedback on the vids to be honest pal and Im enjoying it not as good a response on here or 28 that's why I do the photographic reports as well. Thanks for the feedback pal.
  8. Welcome to OS m8 look forward to seeing your content!
  9. Welcome to OS m8 look forward to seeing your content!
  10. I know I thought that myself pal there was a few more bits and bats lying about too! I might link a few more pics at some point cheers for checking em out pal.
  11. Brilliant and with power lol love the old fruit machine slots pic great stuff!