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  1. Nicely done Miss, lovely pics, one of my favourites this, a real rarety to find something so clean
  2. An old thread but just literally came across it after searching for stuff on Mote Park, Nicely done Wevs
  3. Lovely set of pics there, really like the look of this place, bit of me for sure
  4. What an amazing place, so clean given its age, loving the artwork too!
  5. Nice set of Pics Wevs, place looks like a belter !
  6. This is a new one on me? Not heard of it before, great little write up, what made the old dear accumulate so many vehicles etc, I'd be in my element here, nature, motors and derpiness all in one place! Thanks for the share
  7. What a stunning piece of architecture, love the write up and really enjoyed looking through your pics, Thanks for a top share
  8. Very cool indeed, nice snippet of history followed by a cracking set of pics, really enjoyed looking through them too ! !
  9. That's absolutely fantastic, what an incredible find, beautiful pics, I really enjoyed looking through them! Top share
  10. That's a beautiful little place, as SK said nice lighting great composition and an awesome set of pics !
  11. Yet another great report Mr PS, fantastic Pics as always ! !
  12. Gotta say this is very Indeed, I keep coming back to it for get another look !
  13. Lol what are you like!, great report though mate, having seen this myself I have to say that you've certainly done the place justice !
  14. Great write up, very informative bit of history and a stunning set of pics, love this place one Id like to see myself !
  15. Wow, wow & double wow!, what a cracking set of pics, The place looks amazing ! thumb!
  16. What camera you got fella?, I can tell you about Nikon but lost with Canon
  17. Very interesting looking place, shame that nightclub entrance was blocked up, I'm a sucker for a nice night club, have yet to find a minter, some cool pics given the circumstance, thanks for the share!
  18. Great looking building this, nice to see something so clean and un bastardised, cracking set of pics and a nice write up too! !
  19. Awesome set of pics Miaro, don't want to sound daft, what was this place used for ?
  20. That looks incredible, a high on more than one level !, Pic 5 does it for me