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  1. @hamtagger Thank you :) Thanks mate. The bottom floor was boarded up so it was too dark for pictures, however I'm now kicking myself that we didn't venture onto the roof. Next time maybe.. The last pic is about 7 images stacked onto one another in Photoshop. Just experimenting really, but I know what you mean, its not exactly pleasing on the eye :)
  2. Anzani House is a detached, self-contained 6-storey building totalling 144,000 sq. ft in area with central courtyard and surrounded by surface car parking situated on Trinity Avenue, Felixstowe approximately 2 miles from the town centre and adjacent to Felixstowe Port. Myself & a friend went here to explore last October & found a way in. We parked at the BP garage nearby & walked up towards the building. We got to the site at 6:45am on a Saturday morning. That way there would not be that much activity in the area at that time. Plenty of CCTV cameras everywhere, so watch out & try to not look too shifty I have since tried to get in & found no entry whatsoever. Gutted. Might try again soon. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  3. Thank you @hamtagger Yeah it's pretty gaffed-up & the tanks have gone but I'll revisit once it gets warmer, it was bloody freezing that day! Hopefully I won't see Mr Angry next time
  4. Thank you @Dubbed Navigator, that's very kind of you I shall upload more after the weekend. I've got another place to visit, a place I've been wanting to explore for ages. So keep your eyes peeled. I shall do a few more multiple exposure type shots as you liked this one so much.. Thanks again! Thank you @Andy I like that photo too. I was going to climb up the ladder but then I bottled it. I'm not so daring nowadays, now I've hit the 40 mark
  5. Had a great afternoon exploring here, what a place. It’s huge!! I have been meaning to visit here for years & it certainly has fallen into disrepair over the years (since I've known about the place). I should have gone years ago! Must go back on a sunny/warmer day & hopefully next time we won’t get caught by the angry farmer/security guy ?
  6. @Dubbed Navigator yes, I found the site through your Facebook page. I shall upload some pics of my recent explores. Have a fab weekend mate! @Andy Thank you mate :)
  7. Hey man, cheers @Dubbed Navigator Loving this page, great Facebook page too. I will post some pics when I've got the chance. Thanks for the add. BB