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  1. need to add Japan in the flag section still
  2. i ll try and post more of my explorations in the future, i guess its the wrong forum for most of my videos there is a playlist tho with a few more explorationsifanyone is interested
  3. Urban exploration in Japan is called Haikyo which is also the word "ruin" as far as i know. I ve made a few videos and i d like to share them here. please have a look and tell me what u think. PS: why is there no flag tag thingy for japan xD
  4. Hello people. I live in Japan, ride motorcycles here and do urban exploration. I m also somewhat active on youtube and film my urban explorations I d like to share my videos here if thats ok. I m not much of a picture guy. and i would like to meet people (if there are any) who do this kind of stuff in japan. please point me in the right direction. PS: youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/c/ridingjapan