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  1. Thank you it sure is, I’d love to have seen it a few years back it’s one of the nicest care homes I’ve been too
  2. Little trip to Wales over the weekend with Booie. This was a detour on the way home yesterday. Closed suddenly about 7 years ago and now up for auction. This lovely care home would have looked very grand in its prime no cheap plastic furniture here
  3. Thank you. If you want to see them all they are on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/tanyaspics/?ref=bookmarks
  4. Thanks Kathyms, Not sure how old you are but we think she is now retired and once was a music teacher/head teacher
  5. Hi, Its already been added someone else asked and added it, it was 2 weeks ago
  6. Don’t worry as soon as we investigate further and find anything else out I’ll post an update
  7. This is why I love Urbexing so much the history behind them and what happened to the owners, who’s house is it? Why leave your life there? I’m on a mission to find out ??
  8. We found some letters, postcards and Birthday cards all to a lady called Joan, so assuming its Joan's house and I'm now rather intrigued by her ...
  9. It’s amazing literally everything they had is still there. Were going back to try and find out some more about her abs read some letters etc fascinating home
  10. Thank you these are just a few of the pics we took. Didn’t want to bore you ?
  11. AMAZING explore. It looks like the owners had started packing up then decided to leave it - her whole life is just left, medication, money, credit cards, glasses, clothes, hundreds of books, electricity still on after 8years !!! Beautiful house with so much history - little gem
  12. Abandoned shop and home - This place has been abandoned for some time right in the middle of a village, sorry I'm unable to give much more information as these next two posts I have promised not to give out the locations to preserve the site and I would not want to jeopardize my source as I respect them too much to be disrespectful.
  13. Cheers, its a good forum......I'll enjoy posting some more explores
  14. One of my favorite sites, I just love this building with its stunning wood structure, shame the vandals keep try to torch it!