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  1. Dorton House, formerly known as Wildernesse, is a Grade II listed Georgian mansion house in Seal, Kent, near Sevenoaks; until 2013 it was used as the headquarters for the Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB) and as housing for the blind and partially sighted children who attended its school. The school was set in 49 acreas and was sold and redeveloped into housing
  2. Such a beautiful ornate building love the garden the fountain is gorgeous your photos are stunning
  3. Really love your photos ....what an amazing find ...
  4. Awesome photos ...what an amazing place to explore
  5. Enjoyed looking at your photos
  6. Interesting little place ... you have some really good shots
  7. Very nice enjoyed looking at your photos
  8. Love the old photos ..what an amazing find so many lovely things
  9. That is so nice lovely photos
  10. This was a nice explore ....but would probably be awesome if it was nicely decaying ...