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  1. thank you ...yes that room was real nice Thank you
  2. Lovely photos ...looks like a great explore
  3. It is deffiantly worth a visit if your down that way @Dubbed Navigator @jones-y-gog
  4. Wow what a beautiful place and so much detail ..... stunning
  5. A little gem of a place ...went here when it was guarded by a very irate bull lol
  6. hi i only got one more pic Hi im not sure i think there was some talk of redeveloping the site
  7. Snowdown was the deepest colliery in Kent reaching well over 3,000 ft (915 metres). It was also the hottest and most humid pit in Kent and was given the name 'Dante's Inferno' by the miners. Regarded by many as the worst pit to work at in Britain, most Snowdown miners worked naked because clothes became too uncomfortable. The miners could consume around 24 pints (14 lires) of water in an 8-hour shift. There were frequent cases of heat stroke. Snowdown closed in 1987
  8. Established in 1926, G.L. Murphy was a family run business and supplied bespoke machinery to the tanning industry, as well as building rag cutting and cable stripping machinery. The company also provide refurbishment and renovation works for various machinery types.
  9. hi sorry i meant to put something about it and forgot will add a bit now
  10. Unfortunatly the Glen o dee hospital was pretty trashed , a few nice little bits