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  1. Interesting little place ... you have some really good shots
  2. Very nice enjoyed looking at your photos
  3. Love the old photos ..what an amazing find so many lovely things
  4. That is so nice lovely photos
  5. This was a nice explore ....but would probably be awesome if it was nicely decaying ...
  6. i just had a look on google and the developers were going to keep the 2 buildings with nice windows and convert them to workshops ,i couldnt find any photos of them so hopefully they did and they are being used
  7. Hammill brickworks closed in 2008 and is now a housing estate ...
  8. This was the one in chelmsford i think it has been converted now
  9. I remember this being a real nice explore except for loads of pigeon shite everywhere
  10. Really nice photos when i went in 2012 there was a real nice bit of graffitti