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  1. Hello, no no not yet 🙁 I'm currently writing up some of the other chapters but hope to start this chapter soon. I have a couple of appointments to speak to people who maybe able to help me, so I will update here accordingly after we be met. but I am hopeful some intrepid soul on this site might be able to assist me too. its a great site and very interesting. ZF155
  2. Hi all and thanks for the Add i’m conducting some research for a book that I’m Writting titled Secret Maidstone (not that much is really secret these days , just less well known in certain circles) within in one of he chapters I’m planning on covering the tunnels , voids and any other form of subterranean mystery I can discover. Given that experience severe claustrophobia. This will be undertaken via the medium of social media, libraries, archives and anecdotal accounts . As as a result I found this great site and a whole new world I never knew existed. The Mote Park report I thought was awesome Im hoping that members might help me with this and share any knowledge they might have about Maidstones underground secrets. I don’t need to know exactly where or how to access just that it’s there. In in return I will post anything I discover in my research here for members to see. If anyone is able to help it would be very much appreciated and in return I promise to list you in the acknowledgements and if anyone was able to share an image or two I would attribute those to the donator too. Book will published Feb 2018 thanks again and please help if you can Dean