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  1. Hello explorers, today I explore a sawmill from the 50's full of many details, including one of the first jeep vehicles that arrived in Spain, i hope to enjoy.
  2. Hi fellas, I explore a mining colony, looking for these graffiti freaks, in the video section, I've shared the video of this place. I hope to enjoy NOFILTER NOEDITION
  3. Hi fellas, in this abandonment, I find a very particular squatted orphanage:
  4. HE HE HE thanks man, I hope you like my videos btw
  5. Hi fellas, a country house with many curious things to see, i hope you enjoy :
  6. This place is wonderful, I have been several times, my first contribution in the forum is just that area, very good photos. Regards
  7. Ese mumis que gracia encontrarte por estos lares. Saludos crack
  8. Hi fellas, this is the first video post, i hope you enjoy :