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  1. Shame this mill is soooooooo abused it would have housed a well nice engine in the old engine house..... Built 1907 by the Hartford Mill (Oldham)Co Ltd. Extended 1920 and 1924. Closed 1959 and used by Littlewoods as a mail order warehouse until 1992. Architect was F W Dixon, there were 120,000 spindles and power was provided by a very impressive 1500 hp Urmson & Thompson engine. history on the engine builders John Urmson and John E Thompson started business in 1865 in Hathershaw, Oldham. While Urmson was a trained engineer who had worked at Woolstenhulmes & Rye, Thompson is thought to have contributed capital. Thompson died in 1882, and Urmson with his sons John and Andrew continued the business. On the sons' death in 1888 the firm was incorporated, and continued until 1933.[1] The firm operated out of the Hathershaw Foundry. Initially millwrights, in the 1870s they started making stationary steam engines as well. From 1904 they made a series of large mill engines. The largest was a 2000ihp engine for Ace Mill Co. Ltd., Chadderton in 1914. This was erected in 1919. The later engines were large. Arthur Roberts reported that Hartford Mill was powered by a 1800 hp twin-tandem compound engine by Urmson and Thompson, built in 1907. It was steamed at 160 psi at 68 rpm. It had a 5 ft stroke driving a 24 ft flywheel. The transmission method was a rope drive using 40 ropes. The engine was reputed to be the only twin-tandem that Urmson & Thompson built. It had two 30" diameter HP (high-pressure) cylinders at the rear, and two 60" LP (low-pressure) cylinders in front. There were Corliss valves on all cylinders. The air pumps were driven from each crosshead. There was a Whitehead governor. The engine cost £5400 and the three boilers cost £1900. Mills driven by Urmson & Thompson engines Urmson & Thompson produced mill engines in the boom years of the 1870s, and millwrighted (ie produced the bevelled gear shafts) for mills such as Nile Mill, Chadderton. The period 1904–1914 was productive, when they created engines rating a total of 14,300 ihp for nine Oldham mills:[1] Parkfield Mill, Oldham – 1874 Hollinwood Mill, Failsworth – 1874 Honeywell Mill, Oldham – 1874 Copster Mill – 1904 Hartford Mill, Werneth – 1907 Gorse Mill, Chadderton – 1908 Ace Mill, Chadderton – 1914 (aka Gorse No.2 Mill) Falcon Mill, Chadderton – 1915 time for the pic's to get into the boiler house go through the small crawl hole leading into the chimney connector tunnel (left to chimney and right to the boiler house) Engine house and rope race area... looking to the rope race area where a drive shaft came through the wall the bottom half of this cup bearing is still intact, shame the rest has been removed within the lower floor wish i could find more history on this place........
  2. I have tried to hunt information for this mill but have at this moment drawn a blank ! sorry peeps i will have to do better :panic on with the pic's within the old boiler house
  3. Well we were very disappointed with this mine due to not having our 4gas meter..... all i will say is if you go in FFS take a meter 30 yards in we could not breath hardly and that was just walking, the mine had NO air flow at all..... time for the pics first the beach with the fossils within the mine next time we go it will be with a meter and i hope better air..... if you go in please be careful ....death awaits !...
  4. well had a week in Scarborough and most of it was spent underground in several mines from jet to iron stone etc, by night well its below.....
  5. This was our second visit to this area, i have no history on this place all i can tell you is it is a stone quarry with 4 stone mines within the faces, there was a rail line within the quarry which went down hill to the railway for off loading there stone. on with the pics. 2 of the ways in woot. A reet nice 'miners deads' wall hope you liked the pic's ill see what info i can dig up, to be honest im mowed under with work
  6. Well i have peaked into this opening several times many years ago, time to crack the suicide cave or have a bloody good go at least..... info..... suicide cave (horseshoe cave) length 137 mtrs grade 2 (possibly now grade 3) due to chimneys full of shale and boulders on the move. Obvious entrance on the right near the foot of Winnats pass with a second smaller entrance to the left, the first chamber we came into had a boulder slope to climb with a small traverse and deceptive 15 feet drop at the end, down this continued to the second chamber with a muddy crawl ending in a blockage, back to junction in second chamber go right to the third higher chamber where we had to climb up over boulder chokes one after another until into a now bad chimney caked in spoil and very loose boulders, one slip here and its going to end up bad........now i know why its called suicide cave, a near vertical system small in size climbing up locking your back against solid rock and your feet and knees and hands/elbows trying to lock against a mud shale boulder wtf !.....our lass up above me dislodges a nice boulder and ffs hits me plumb on the head sending me and it further down the chimney, i eventually lock in whilst the boulder starts an avalanche below me oh no........ well on we go.......further up until we come across a hand line to aid our ascent through a vertical part and a tightish squeeze (well for a bloke of my size it was), a little further up and .........nick i hear from our lass....its going to get a lot tighter for several mtrs......oh F !!!, i look and think no way can i fit through there as it again was near vertical with mud all over, no foot holes too wide to lock against the walls and only slippy roof and floor to lock against oh did i mention tight too.....baaaaaaa reet time to back track and back out..... on with the pick's and less of my dribble..... across the traverse and rig the only pitch looks tricky better send moo down first ! Old hammer Looking up the first chimney Blue John Vein Hmmm old wood well wet and rotting holding big boulder up...looks good to me time to go up... time to come back the way we came in.....(last 2 are vids) we had a good day out and after ere we went to odin mine only to find a bloody major collapse 45-50 mtrs in which we thought oh F time to get outa here as this was not hear before...
  7. Canon 7d, 18-135 is usm lens hoping for several other lenses soon
  8. As I can not remember if I posted this and find no record on this site This is a late post. After a few fail splores within the Boilton area This was the only place left. If it was not run by steam it was fired up by compressed air.....or held up by screws on d'a walls... There are many forms of engines within this cramped museum and if your lucky enough like I was i ended with a photo shoot and talk with Alf (Fred Dibnah's right hand man) After leaving here is only seamed fit to see Freds house, short drive later and been told £12 each we decided to grab a pic from the road side instead.....when i'm back in work I'll call again.
  9. very nice ste there m8.....shame it looked no way of getting up the towers ! all 50 mtrs of em !.......cheers for posting
  10. On with the Military Further in the day came the fly over with the Spitfire.....shame the 'Yanks' arrived !......look out for friendly fire !!! Fly-by Time...
  11. Cracking day out in Belper to a rally I have never been to before showing some classic wagons, wish i could give you some history on all these wagons but there was too much going on through the day so there was no time to talk to any of the owners..... H 'n' S eat ya heart out !!! Hope you liked the pic's, perhaps if anyone can shed some light on any of the wagons but posting it on.....cheers for looking.
  12. Hmmmmm after looking inside the Childrens Hospital Inside and out (now converted to a asian building) so nothing left at all in there...we headed over the road to St Catherines Hospital (for Cancer and Incurables), very easy access to this well nice place but no nice machinery left only Ooozzing with pealed paint !. within the cellar
  13. some more from the surface... The tank transporter is the only one in the world known of in full working condition which is also including an Italian Tank !. hope you liked this scratch......much more to come including history and other items not yet posted.