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  1. Great stuff, a nice old looking factory with some cool old features!
  2. I will sort it tonight, I can re post from Flickr. Cheers
  3. Cracking stuff. I was wondering what happened with this place. It doesn't look to have changed much at all (apart from the scaffolding outside) since I was last there back in 2012. I bumped into the bloke who lives in the renovated part on one visit, he was OK and had no problem with me having a look around.
  4. One day short of a whole year since my last explore and I finally got my exploring boots on again and visited this old house which is cram packed full of stuff, so much so its actually hard to get around inside. Whoever owned the place must have been an avid car enthusiast as there are loads of old cars out the back. They look to have been untouched for years, they are well rotten and heavily overgrown. Its a real shame they ended up like this as there are a few classics amongst them. Here are a few pictures. Mostly of the cars, I didn’t spend too much time in the house as to be honest I’m not too keen on rummaging through stuff in derp houses.
  5. Superb! What a great place. Not many left like that now. Great shots from here, nicely done!
  6. Good stuff, theres so much equipment left inside I'm surprised this place doesn't get more attention.
  7. Visited here last Bank Holiday, a cracking place steeped with history and well worth a look. There are only two large blocks remaining on site in a derelict state, G block and D block. G block is in a bad way. It has taken a right beating and is pretty much empty bar some old paperwork strewn about. We ventured in but I didn't take any pictures inside. D block however is a different story. Pretty much unused since the war (apart from storage) and although a lot of rooms are empty, others a jam packed full of old equipment. A £10 million grant has been applied for to bring it back to it's former glory. The project is expected to take up to 10 years to complete. Some pictures
  8. A recent visit to this old Power Station which has been decommissioned since 2000. A planning application has been approved to demolish it and replace it with a new sustainable energy plant. Although approval was granted in 2012 nothing seems to have happened since. Lots of stuff left in situ and it's all decaying nicely. Some pictures #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15