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  1. Thank you for the reactions, there is no difficulty in finding locations in Belgium at all. But I have a weekend job along my studies, so it's hard to combine it with going away for a night and day, since Belgium is 3hrs away from me. I guess I will have to stick to encountering rather than using this forum as 'yellow pages' as you mentioned Dubbed Navigator. I will maintain updates on the locations I do get to explore.
  2. Hello all, I recently go through a rough period of time, and Urban Exploring can get my mind off and put things back in perspective. I do such explorings prefered solo and at midnight. If that place has a certain story added to it I take my car and go for it. I have posted some of my explorations on this forum. I love going back on such adventure again, and share the experiences. The problem though is I am sourceless on any abandonned places around my area within a 1.5 hour drive range. Maybe I am searching wrong or maybe there simply are no such places? Anyway I know it is uncommen, and I may seem to ask to be spoonfed but this is not the case: I have already spend some nights trying to figure the desired sightings within a 1.5/2 hour range. Perhaps there are people here on this forum that relate to my location and help me in this situation. I live in this area: https://www.google.nl/maps/@52.6551298,6.7536155,15z I would usually just take more nights searching the info, but for now I really need this form of distraction and any help would be appreciated. SideNote: why can't explored sightings be sorted on country? It would make things a lot easier.
  3. I had spent some time at Krakow with a lovely girl who appeared to still live with her ex-boyfriend. We decided to go on urban exploration together, except right before we went for dinner she got a call from that particular ex-boyfriend that he would kill himself if she would not return home. So I ended up doing another exploration solo, which is why the lighting of the photos taken at night are of low quality. I am sorry for that. For this location I had to go on a hill that looked over the city of Krakow. This hill is famous for youngsters to meet up and have a drink. While standing on the hill I overlooked some sort of forest / swamp area in which lights where coming from. These lights were shining onto one of the objects of the quarry. From then on I knew I was at the right location, but I had no idea how to access the path towards this quarry. Google told me I had to go down a path passing a graveyard, and then walk through the swamp like area straight towards the quarry. I found the path, but once I was down the hill at the swamp I had no idea where to go anymore. After wandering for an hour I was about to give up, untill I shin my flashlight higher and straight upon one of the objects of the quarry. Finally I was there. This place was by far the most terrifying due to the poor state of the construction. One of the elements of the quarry was built against the wall of a mountain, reaching up to 15m of height. The iron used for the building was crusty, and had many holes in it as well. After climbing upon this building every step felt like it could have been my last one. Fortunatly nothing broke, and I got back out of the swamp at one piece. I went back the morning after, to make some better photos at daylight. I hope you enjoy.
  4. Well I am Dutch, it's my own car and I used it for the roadtrip. And thanks as well ?
  5. Awesome, yet very eary.
  6. I was on my solo roadtrip through Poland seeking for and abandonned railyard in Częstochowa. While searching I encountered a German person living in the area who showed me the road towards the railyard. While walking towards this place I discovered how odd Częstochowa can be: right in the middle of some appartment complexes there was a huge satellite dish visible. It was standing in a sculpture garden behind a building that seemed like a dance club. The local walking along with me told me that the owner of the dish was loaded and bought the dish for a few million just in order to send club music right into space. Rumour has it he actually did recieve some vague contact in the form of some hz, but this is not confirmed. Anyway, while arriving at the railyard I saw men working at the location. This 'abandonned' (Google) railyard was not abandonned at all! Great, there went my excitement. Fortunatly the local knew about some jewish graveyard which he stated "you should definitly visit". And so I did. I went there and it was exactly as how I hoped it would be: open graves and the worse maintainence ever performed. It was like a movie. I knew I had to be back here by night. So I had to pass time 'till midnight in Częstochowa. While cruising around the city I got chased by a Fiat Panda. While I thought some guys just wanted to fight me, it appeared they were undercover policemen chasing me on suspision of drugs. Two huge blokes coming out of that Fiat Panda (80% of traffic is faster than a Panda??) and my car got searched. First Dutchman without drugs, so I moved on. Midnight: I went back, the long road through industry and a bit of forresty roads. While I was walking the graveyard I knew my mind would play tricks on me. Flashing the light around I heared animals running away.. But then I heared some big footsteps coming from a dense bush. I tried everything to find out what it was except entering that bush, since I was alone and unweaponized. Up 'till now I do not know what it was. At a gasstation someone told me it might have been a bear, can anybody confirm the possibility of this? Otherwise I may need to go back just to end the frustration of the unknown. I was hoping to upload the video related to this, but I can only upload photos. There are not so many of them but I hope you enjoy them. PS I do have some more photos if interested, but it might mess up the length of this topic.
  7. I just returned from my roadtrip, will update my stuff asap.
  8. Hello urban explorers. I have lately been discovering the world of urban exploring, and have some great experiences solo exploring 'haunted' areas at night. The kind of adrenaline coming from visiting such place alone at night is terrifying yet very satisfying. I wish to keep up with my new hobby, but I have trouble finding places with a horror story which are not abaondoned. Perhaps it may seem lazy to 'just ask' it this way, but I can asure that I have been spending quite some days to pinpoint the right locations (it's always a far drive coming from the Netherlands). For the next week I will make a roadtrip from my home town Coevorden in the Netherlands to Belgrado in Serbia. I am hoping somebody may have experience or a story about a 'haunted' place across my route.
  9. Hello all, I have just met urban exploring as my new exiting hobby. So far I have been exploring German quarters in Torún, a cementary in Częstochowa, a quarry in Krakow and several abadoned factories in my own country (the Netherlands). Most of these explorations have been at night and executed solo. I have photos and videos for those interested, but I am mostly on this forum hoping to find the right info on the most known 'haunted' abandoned places in Europe.