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  1. Strolling trough the mountains we came across an interesting site. Abandoned cars and a lot of junk on the side of a steep mountain. we have no idea how it got there, but here is a quick look at the spooky abandoned cars of La-Roche.
  2. Hey there ^^ I'm from NL, bad news is there aren't a lot of sites in the Netherlands, Especially up north were i am from. But we did manage to find a few nice spots. But we also go down south for some nice spots, and you are welcome to join if you want ^^ Greets
  3. Found our way into a small cave in the Yorkshire dales.
  4. In the Belgian Ardenne mountains on a spit of land in the small town of La-Roche de Ardenne, Lies a camp site beyond anything i have ever seen. A camping in rapid state of decline, the most uncomfortable place i have ever seen. Dirty and riddled with trash... Oh and the abandoned camp site is right next to it, so don't mistake the two. one just looks abandoned and one is. But feeling our way in darkness we did come across some amazing finds.
  5. Thanks Dubbed Navigator. I like a lot of things, High stuff and underground. Any place i can get into, i find a way. How about you? Greets
  6. Along the road in the Yorkshire dales we came across many small caves. We ventured into some of them, and saw some cool things. Next year we plan on returning and Exploring the larger caves.
  7. Hello guys. My name is AlexAvenue, I'm from Frisia in the Netherlands. Urban exploration is one of my many hobbies and passions, witch is why I'm here, Just want to get a feel of the community, and all its wonderful explorers. If you want to know anything about me just ask. and I'm looking forwards to exploring this forum. Greets