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  1. through careful rethinking / reconsideration i have came to conclusion placing this thread in here was a complete miscalculation as this whole forum proved to be unsuitable to gain any profitable results (the admin writing two replies giving a jack-squat). so it will be altogether better to take this matter completely elsewhere.
  2. Yes, I have done some ground research of the villa in Croissy sur Seine. 48,87199 , 2,14456 1 Avenue Emile Augier. Jean-Michel Jarre left from there over 10 years ago (; . It's also a shame that place like this wont stay unoccupied (/free to explore) for very long - if at all. Guess I'll need to wait several decates for the mansion's proper abandoment then (unless something truely lucky on my be- half happens). Of course I would check the place properly myself If there wouldn't be the minor obsticle of several thousands of kilometers ,no ways to fast-travel (funds), and to find few people for assistance (; .
  3. Built in 1800s (?) . At least 800-900 m2 (?) . Large gated garden/grounds. Big garage & pool. On the banks of the river Seine. I'd like to know everything about the house(/place) what is there to know - in details. (My guesses are only estimates. Google Maps & Earth don't give much to work with). Someone could set an expedition on the site ; possibly with a drone ?