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  1. I have since found a few more places local to me, so if the weather is bad this weekend, I may opt for a different place. The hotel I want to visit is 3 miles away. I don't drive and there is no public transport that gets me anywhere near it. The most direct route is over the coastal path. I didn't fancy that walk with the winds we had on Sunday
  2. Unfortunately I didn't manage to go. The weather wasn't too great, so I decided against it, for now. Hopefully I will get out this weekend
  3. Thank you everyone and I will post pictures of my findings ?
  4. Hello everyone. Just thought I'd say hi. My name is Dan and I live in a little seaside town called Ilfracombe, in Devon, England. I'm going out this coming Sunday for my first explore, at a local abandoned hotel. I'm here looking to chat and possibly link up with like minded people. Thanks for reading Dan