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  1. In the forest sits this stone building, I can't find any info on it other that it's sitting on a settlement mound. Video.. https://youtu.be/nGuRNOeRuA8
  2. That's one of the main reasons for going
  3. Been waiting all week to go here only to find it's all been boarded back . so just some from the outside.☹️
  4. I went last Friday. Nice place for a walk.
  5. Great report. I wish I knew you was going.
  6. What a fantastic place, thanks for sharing
  7. What a shame, love to know the history of why it's just left
  8. Thanks. I certainly am 😊
  9. Looks very interesting, since being on here I'm being shown places fairly local to me I didn't know existed, this is just a 30 min car journey from me 😀
  10. There's loads gone missing from there, where abouts are you?
  11. Nice place to visit, not much to see, but easy enough to get to. I did have a farmer watching me walk up the path, but nothing come of it, A good bit of history here: http://www.lovemywales.org/plasgwynfryn/ My Video https://youtu.be/4d5m012QWVs
  12. Been wanting to get in this place ever since I saw it years ago. These are just a few pictures I took The Ghajn Tuffieha Military Camp dates back to the late 19th century. By 1910, a formal military camp was in place consisting of timber ’Crimea Huts’ which were later replaced with more permanent masonry replacements, Throughout the immediate post-war years up to the late 1960s, the Ghajn Tuffieha Camp represented one of the busiest spots on the island for military training for both British and NATO forces. In the late 1970s the lower camp was converted into the Hal Ferh tourism accommodation complex.
  13. Wow, nice pictures and a great place.
  14. Thanks for the welcome