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  1. Hey Matteo, fellow newbie here. How were you able to build a list of abandoned places? Some of that is not public info for obvious reasons. Tnx and welcome. E
  2. I'm in So Cal. I have tried to find interesting abandoned places but haven't actually set out on a mission soley to shoot one. Most of my personal photography stuff is on my Flickr page. Here's an album from a trip to Memphis earlier this year. Coming from LA, I felt Memphis felt like a ghost town especially in March. Felt like an andoned city to me...so here my first not so abandoned contribution https://flic.kr/s/aHsmcLDGkf
  3. Found you guys on an email from olympus about photographing abandoned places... I'd always been fascinated with urban explorers and their photographic adventures. Hope to find like minded people here.