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  1. I worked as a Air traffic Controller at RAF Sculthorpe in the late 80s when RAF Alconbury deployed with their TR2s because they were re-surfacing their runways. I was part of the 1st Combat Communications Group at the time. Stayed in the "Z" dorms there while deployed for other exercises, and in the base housing for the Alconbury deployment. I remember the "Birdman" who was responsible for keeping gulls and other larger birds off of the runway. He had several birds of prey that he used, but the one I remember most was the Peregrine Falcon. Went out with him to watch the bird work. Simply amazing! That bird was like a missile! RAF Marham was just up the road (we could see it from the tower) and they used to call us for approval of airfield attacks bu RAF Tornados. Fun times.