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  1. Well one thing I'd really love to do is my first Explore.
  2. Can almost imagine them being in battle in the war.
  3. I read somewhere that everything had been auctioned off earlier this year.....would be interesting to walk around the site now and see what it looks like after that
  4. Spent many a fun childhood afternoon/evening in this park when I went away with my parents. If my memory isn't playing tricks on me there used to be like a model battleship display some nights where the boats would fight and even sink each other.....ah the memories. Thank you for bringing those back
  5. Ah I remember going here when it was open as a visiting Barnsley fan in 2001 as we drew 1-1 Something eerie about an abandoned football stadium, so used to seeing them full and hearing the atmosphere it seems strange to see them in this state. Great report and pictures though
  6. Hi everyone, Just joined the site after seeing a few interesting reports. I've been keen on Urbex for a few years now, not actually been out on one of my own but I trawl the forums on a daily basis looking at the reports people post. Particularly interested in Theme parks especially ones like Camelot and American Adventure where I spent a lot of my time as a child...would absolutely love to visit one of them myself. I look forward to reading through eveyone's exciting adventures.