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  1. Thought I'd do a few reports of some explores back in 2010/11 of Buildings that are now either Demolished or now not accessible. First one is Bell Baxter High School which was in Cupar, Visited this back in July 2010 with Revelation_Space. I don't know too much about the history of this place other than the Bell Baxter High School existed on two seperate sites the original building pictured here which was built in 1889 and a more modern site (built in 1962 and gradually expanded since) just up the road a little bit both were in use until this one was surplus to requirement then eventually demolished. Excuse the photography I'm a little apprehensive about showing it as It is not up to my own standards nowadays, I've moved on a lot in 3 years! Since I always seem to forget external shots here is a street view of the building, although at the time we visited the lower windows were covered in metal grating. After finding access which ended up being on the roof and through a tiny skylight on to a weak roof of an internal hut in the craft and design department we ended up with the first view of the school. Which was a little dissapointing after seeing photos of this place full of leftover stuff which had been cleared out not long before we got there . There was this funky looking device left there though. Moving on through a number of empty corridors and rooms containing nothing interesting we ended up in the Gym Hall which was rather nice, wish I stayed a bit longer to play on the ropes really. Quite liked the tiles in the showers As we had a few more sites to check out we moved swiftly on to some of the classrooms, these were by far the nicest parts of the building. I assume they were the science glassrooms as they had gas nozzles for bunsen burners on the tables. Love seeing black(green)boards in these places. Obligatory cliched chair photo Corridors were starting to peel and mold was creeping in. All the other classrooms were just empty, however I did like this door. Moving on to the oldest part of the building got a little strange, started of normally with this lovely staircase. However on moving up to the top floor of this building things started to look a lot more like a house rather than a school. Not quite sure why this is I found it quite strange, as far as I know it was never a house but I could be wrong. Fancy a bath? And that's it as far as images go, we made our exit and found that getting out of the skylight was considerably harder than getting in. Especially as the chair used on top of the weak roof to reach it gave way under my feet as I was half out! Managed to scramble out with just a few cuts and we then moved on to fail getting in to any other location that day There you go my first report here and I chose one of the most boring sites I have visited I'll try get a few more up when I have the time.
  2. switched my Canon 5dmk2 last year for a Sony A7r setup. Been using manual Canon FD lenses with an adapter for the past year but just bought a Canon 24-105mm F/4L again and an adapter that should hopefully at least translate aperture, Image stabilization stuff not so fussed about autofocus as I don't really use it. The FD lenses were great for the price but I missed the practicality of the 24-105mm far too much. Cant fault the A7r, crazy resolution and IQ from that size of camera, very usable too and I love the electronic viewfinder. Munches through batteries in no time at all though!
  3. Looks like an interesting location, I love that staircase.
  4. looks very untouched, quiet sad really.
  5. Nightmare fuel!. I like it!, very nice use of the lighting in the room of body parts.
  6. Wow thats brilliant. Cant beat a bit of rusty heavy industry!
  7. Nice amount of decay there, I really need to head up to the Glasgow area again sometime soon.
  8. Looks like a brilliant explore!, Nice pics
  9. Lovely bit of industry there, the coating of the Soda Ash really gives the photos that extra edge.
  10. Nice mix of decay and stuff left behind!, very nice
  11. Visited with Revelation_space back in July 2010, This is a very very decayed site but I still quite enjoyed the wander around it. Spent about 5 hours here before we accidentally knocked a board down and alerted security to where we were, made a sharp exit after that. some history on the place: "The Baldovan Institution was founded in 1852, mainly through the benevolence of Sir John and Lady Jane Ogilvy and from voluntary contributions and fees. It was established on the north bank of the Dighty as an orphanage, hospital and place of education and training for ‘imbecile’ children, accomodating 30 children. As such it was the first hospital of its kind in Scotland and the second in Britain. The Orphanage opened on 30th November 1854 and the Asylum opened on 6th January 1855. In 1856 its name was changed to Baldovan Asylum and it expanded its operations after it received its licence under the Lunacy Act of 1858, which legalised its function as a home for children. It was found that contact with 'imbeciles' had a detrimental effect upon the orphans and so in 1867 the Orphanage moved to other premises and the Baldovan Asylum concentrated its efforts on the care and education of mentally handicapped children. By 1879 the number of children accommodated at the Asylum had increased to 70 and the site where the Administrative block now stands was acquired. By 1904 the Main Building wards were built and occupied by 160 children. The Mental Deficiency (Scotland) Act was passed in 1913, providing state supervision of mental defectives, which led to an increased demand for accommodation at Institutions like Baldovan. Between 1904 and 1932 further developments included another ward, staff residency, school facilities, a large Recreation Hall as well as occupational therapy and training in domestic, farm and garden work. In 1925 the Baldovan Institution Confirmation Act sanctioned the trustees to form an Incorporation with the counties of Aberdeen, Forfar (Angus), Kincardine and Perth to undertake the management of the hospital with provision for children of all four counties. In 1948 the running of the Hospital was transferred to the National Health Service. Subsequent developments included a change of name in 1959 to Strathmartine Hospital and major building works in 1963-1965, which saw the demolition of the original premises and the creation of new and improved facilities, including three new single storey wards and a swimming pool. Two new 25 bed wards were opened in 1980." And now on to the photo's The view presented on entering the site was rather bleak to say the least. and the first building we entered had the remains of a Renault Megane for some strange reason(there was also the fibreglass shell of a Reliant Kitten in the next room) The building that this was in looked like it may of been used as storage at some point but was rather empty, This part of the site burnt down a few weeks later. Moving on we had a look in the building that contained this oil tank, a little nervously as below the rusty walkway was a massive pool of oil at the bottom of the building where the tank had been leaking! From there we moved on to the main building and had a look around. One of many fire damaged parts on the site. This corridor is a good example of how bad this site was, I imagine it's even worse now. The walls looked like they were melting! Even though it was mostly empty there were still some magazines and newspapers left in the wards. after spending a while in that building we moved on to some of the other ones on the site, although they were even emptier than the main building. It was after this point we managed to knock a board off trying to access one of the smaller buildings. Didnt think much of it until seeing a guy in a high vis vest heading towards us, called it a day after that! Unfortunately we missed out the swimming pool so a return visit may be in order especially as planning is in to flatten the site and build houses there.
  12. Didnt realise there was that much left here always avoided going as I thought it was completely demolished. I wonder if they have demolished any more this year! Going to be in the area on sunday so might check it out.
  13. Very nice, looks like an awesome explore!
  14. Another one of my favourite explores and other than me and Revelation_space I've never seen any reports on this massive building that used to sit in Dyce. Didnt realise it was closed for a long time so we decided to pop along one day and have a look inside, think we spent about 8 hours in here going around the building the first time. This was BP's North Sea Headquarters until the new offices were built just behind this building, It was mostly just empty offices but there was some interesting bits here and there and the lighting was very nice. It was demolished in 2011 and is now a bunch of identical new build houses. These photos are taken over three visits where me and Revelation_Space pretty much covered the whole building. Loads of photos so I'll split it over two parts. Everything marked in Red here was empty on this site. We decided to catch the sunrise from the top floor then head up to the roof. The view across to the Airport. Most of the building was empty offices but I still liked them for some reason Various cabinets of switches etc left behind along with loads of Ethernet cable Quite liked the lighting here Vandalism was evident throughout Moving on to the Canteen Fancy meeting room Main Entrance I'll make a second post including stuff from the next two visits.
  15. I'd love to see this place, looks like a brilliant industrial explore. Hoping to get to Belgium next year possibly!
  16. Just finished doing a few changes to my website as it was all Landscapes before, So a bit of restructuring, adding derelict places photos and a background colour change to black and I'm a bit happier with it. It's a rather simple website built just to show my photography. Would appreciate it if you take a look! I will be adding more stuff to it as I get around to reprocessing my archive of explores. http://scottamurray.com/
  17. Thanks for the feedback guys, I realise office buildings aren't everyone's cup of tea but this is a much nicer response than I got with this same report on a forum I wont name a few years ago!
  18. Excellent lighting and photos. I love extremely decayed Industrial Locations, always have a great atmosphere.
  19. some nice pipe and controls porn there! Looks like a great location
  20. Lovely set of photos, I particularly like the ones from the rooftop.
  21. View from the roof was pretty good!, Wish I took more photos from up there.
  22. These are various images from the last two visits I made to the building to see the bits I had missed. Loads of old server equipment left behind I loved this meeting room The ground floors of the building had an extensive visit from the metal fairies. An outside view of the building from a window So much Keys! Might as well finish off with another one of the entrances. I have hundreds of photos from here, but I've tried to cut it down a lot so it doesn't end up too excessive!
  23. Cant beat a huge chunk of concrete!, Lovely ugly building, nice photos too!