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  1. One of the first places I ever went many moons ago. Cefn Glas (also known as Quakers Yard) Tunnel carried the Taff Vale Extension of the Newport, Abergavenny & Hereford Railway which was absorbed into the Great Western’s empire in 1863, a year before the line opened. The route made an end-on connection with the Aberdare Valley Railway at Middle Duffryn Junction; the southern end was at Quakers Yard, named after a local burial ground. The single track route shut up shop on 15th June 1964. The 703-yard tunnel is straight except for a slight northerly curve close to the western portal. It is amply equipped with refuges and its profile changes at various points. Although mostly dry, the tunnel is not in great condition - towards its centre, sections of its lining have come away. Comprising a brick roof with masonry walls, its patchwork nature suggests that, even during operational times, much repair work was needed. A coal seam has been worked through the south wall of the tunnel during the 1984 miners strike. 1. Eastern portal 2. Looking out 3. Looking ahead 4. Refuge 5. Deterioration begins 6. 1984 Miners Strike refuge 7. Falling apart 8. Profile change 9. Approaching the wet section 10. Catchpit 11. Waterfalls 12. View back west 13. Nearly there... 14. Eastern portal Thanks for looking
  2. Cheers all. Its a nice little place but pity it was flooded as much as it was.
  3. I have one and its great for lighting a big area for a quick burst shot like you show above but it is absolutely useless for doing a proper lightpainting job on exposures over 10 seconds as you can't focus the beam (spot to flood like a Lenser) and tend to flare out the photos in places. Fantastic torch for lighting up a long tunnel when you can't see the other portal or if the other portal is blocked though. And yes, the batteries. Buy plenty if you intend using this as a regular torch. Three 18650's usually have a burn time of 1 hour on full power.
  4. Thanks all. Hope to get a bit of worthwile stuff up now and again !
  5. Abandoned and now sadly flooding. 1. Inside Heading 2 entrance, now backfilled and blocked. 2. Heading 2 conveyor, top of the dip 3. Down the dip, Heading 2 4. Conveyor come to a watery end 5. Flooded crosscut to Heading 1 6. Crosscut from Heading 1 7. Down the dip, Heading 1 8. Mining remains 9. Spot the Warwick 10. Junction 11. Bellboy !! 12. Health & Safety 13. End of the line for the day 14. What its all about, King Coal 15. And finally, redundant portable conveyor Thanks for looking.
  6. ...from South Wales and also Ireland as I tend to split my time between both places. I seem to do undeground stuff 100% of the time - its nice and quiet below ground !
  7. ah cunningcorgi..theres a name i recognise,welcome along mate