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  1. Urbexing is new to me. When i was younger we just called it exploring. Anyway. The reason i was curious about maps was that i spend hundreds of hours finding tracks and trails that i ride. This year i ride from north east Holland, Mussel , down through Holland then into Germany then back into Belguim towards the coast then into France where i head towards Paris. From there i turn towards Normandy for the 75th D Day celebrations......all on trails and tracks. I was hoping to find some places of interest along my route, or at least close by. I have already found one. Just over the Belguim boarder there is a house that, supposedly the owner kept people in the cellar till thier death. I only have 8 weeks before i leave and most of my time at present is taken with rebuilding my bike after a catastrophic engine failure. I look forward to the future here. Below is a picture of the bike i ride in 7 weeks. All my time is in that at the moment.
  2. I was hoping for a location map. Maybe I just need to look a bit harder. Ha ha ha
  3. Hi everyone. I am Craig, I am English but live in the Netherlands (right up the top right part). I have been interested in old places for a while. Just did not realise it was a "Thing" I travel tracks and trails around Europe and love stumbling across old places off the beaten track.