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  1. That's a great report, that control room is epic. Trouser accident inducing stuff 😎😀
  2. My derpage meter was twitching favourably 🤣
  3. Good report mate. Got a couple of mates from Bolton so I assumed this was a typical open pub in the area 🤣.
  4. Nice bit of derpage there mate
  5. Nice find, including the random clutch and flywheel.
  6. I refer you to the right honourable member for Lancashire with regards to ukx. Too many hurdles, but life moves on. Yes I'm north Notts although I'm a Yorkshireist with emmerdale inspired sideburns
  7. Thanks guys n gals. Such a great little light trap is this. Loved it, good things in small packages etc, I prefer this to the steel place in all honesty.
  8. Good video, place looks great. Although we must not talk about the elephant in the room
  9. I know this has been on the radar for a while now but for whatever reason i'd not got around to perusing it for myself. After a day of no sleep and totally battered i should have perhaps kept it on the back burner too. However, what a rather delightful and quaint little place it is, although i did notice that the good lord had not prevented people going through the floor boards. I figure the history of this place is well documented. Condensed version is that it served the Roman Catholic section of the local community since the 1930's till its closure, i'm really pleased i eventually took time out for it. Thankfully my friend is fully qualified and absolved me of my past sins , well, the ones i admit to
  10. love this kinda stuff but can't do it myself......things start becoming loose
  11. Nice report, interesting too, been to a fair number of kennels in my time, all open though
  12. Liking lots. I really enjoyed this place but you got great quality light going on here.
  13. Looks an awesome place does that.
  14. Dat is just mighty fine. Love pics from these places 😎