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  1. Definitely there are a lot of great sections on here to check out and interact with!
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I actually just found out about draining the other day and it's something I want to look more into, my username actually involves my job LOL. It's a funny coincidence how I just discovered draining. I have a few urbex sites to explore then I'll try to gather more info about draining. From the bit I have seen its a whole different world under there. I will definitely post some pictures of wherever I head to do some exploring (hopefully going today).
  3. Hey everyone I am from St. Augustine Fl. I have been getting into urban exploring more lately and have begun looking for locations around my area since photography and exploring just about anything have been hobbies and interest of mine for quite some time. If there is ever anyone around my area that knows of some places and wants to explore let me know as I am pretty new to this and have not really met any other explorers in my area. I have a couple places I have recently come across as well and hope to check out soon and post some photos of as well. It's great to be part of this forum!