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  1. Lol, in a few years time no one will understand why he keeps doing laps of the place in his mobility scooter while telling anyone with a backpack to "f**k off from yer"!!
  2. Looks like they're getting into gear for conversion after the compulsory purchase: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/new-plans-denbighs-former-asylum-8167302 It should include a statue of Elwyn out front, just won't be the same without him
  3. Nice one, that place looks in really good shape!
  4. Cheers. Yeah got in the other bits, too. This was a while back when they were hosting the Shuffle arts festival in admin, so after the explore you could hop over the hoarding from the derelict part and go and sip mulled wine with the hipsters
  5. St Clement's served as a mental hospital from 1937-2007, housed in old workhouse buildings constructed in the late 1800s. Here's some shots from South Block. Coborn Ward for adolescants Coborn Ward patients signing off The morgue, which is to be retained and turned into a house if I recall correctly. No slab, but a few bits and pieces remained here until someone booted the back gate in and everything of scrap value disappeared.
  6. Lol @ the bloke in womens knickers running out of the bushes near West Park...that car park nearby used to be a dogging hotspot didn't it? Or so I heard...
  7. Boom... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-north-east-wales-28054940
  8. That's pretty cool. Definitely not too text heavy at all…it's nice to hear epic/scary stories distilled to a few lines - anyone who's been out exploring can imagine what it was like, no need for reams of text!
  9. Nice to see this place again. Must have been awhile ago you went as the clock faces in admin are still there!
  10. Cheers for the update. I guess come autumn it will all be gone It's not so much getting in that's the challenge, it's staying out of Michael's way
  11. Nicely captured . You see a lot of different stuff along the way there.
  12. Hi-vis wearing pikie arsonists - sounds like a weird dream. What would psychoanalysis reveal in that one? :D Personally I can't remember any exploring dreams to tell. On a similar note a weird thing happened a few years ago when we went on two-week exploring road trip. We were getting up at 4am everyday and there was no early nights as we had so much driving to do. So it was a case of catching a nap wherever possible during the day, on the floor of a derp, on a rusty bed frame in the old hospitals etc. It got so the lines between consciousness and unconsciousness got blurry, and toward the end of the trip and for two weeks after I started having waking dreams. So I'd 'wake up' in the hotel room - or later my bedroom - and for about half a minute or so I'd think I was in a derelict building as all the paint on the walls was peeling and there were cobwebs everywhere etc. It was more of a nightmare really if you can imagine waking up in the near pitch-dark in a derp - you don't know where you are or who else is in there with you! Needless to say I was quite glad when they stopped!
  13. Cheers, dude. Visited this place in different seasons and after different bouts of weather and always saw something new and different!
  14. Cheers, guys It was in a shed near security so I never bothered looking for it until my final visit, when it was the main target! I've heard that building has since been set on fire, so not sure if the MG has survived?
  15. What a cracking find! Can't believe all that stuff is still down there after all these years.