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  1. just checked out ur stuff, uv got a nice set of work there !!
  2. Earlier this month while i was out with my camera trying to find the RAF Folkingham grave yard i stumbled across this absolute beauty of a discovery. I would love to know the history of this house and the reasons behind its abandonment but couldn't find anything on it. All i can say is sit back and enjoy the story i can give you through the images i captured.. you and your rights ...
  3. Thanx for your feedback guys, ill be back with some edited ones in a few days so keep youreyes open and let me know.
  4. Thanks for ur welcome and help guys. Ive uploaded some new reports with more to follow. Hope you like x
  5. RAF folkingham I really enjoyed this shoot at the RAF folkingham graveyard until we were politely asked to leave by Mr Green. I didn't get everything i wanted to get but i hope you enjoy what i did manage to capture in the short time we had.
  6. St John’s Hospital. Despite all the horror story's i had heard before embarking on this adventure i found it to have a very calming atmosphere while exploring this beautiful building. Dont get me wrong i found some parts of the building a little disconcerting such as the children s ward. Despite it been an emotional journey i am keen to take this adventure again and will be very soon. Thanks for taking the time to look guys x
  7. Here is a few more that i took while i was there..
  8. Thank you. yeah ive got a few more but with me been a new member it only gives me limited photos to put up. ill put more up when my allowance is bigger.
  9. While Exploring the country side i managed to stumble across this. Im unsure of the history of it but good find non the less. Thanks for looking guys
  10. hey guys. just thought id say hi. i was recommended to this forum so thought id take a look and join up. ive tried starting a new thread but its denying it as im only allowed limited photos. do u now how many i can have.