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  1. Hi all there is a petition on the welsh asembly site to preserve some of the buildings at talgarth as it was my first explore and one of my favourite i would like to do all i can to try and help save at least some of the buildings so can you go to the following link and sign the petition please https://www.assemblywales.org/gethome/e ... tition.htm. its only running till the 8th of feb so theres not much time to try and as many people to sign . cheers valleys
  2. Sweet, like the chinese pictures on the walls
  3. Nice one mate, looks like a good explore
  4. Hope this one is more interesting for you Visited Lytes Ladders which is in Ystalafera in Jan this year and thoroughly enjoyed the exlpore. Came across it by mistake was actually down that way to visit a different place but this came as a very nice surprise. Just to give you a heads up have been back there since as there was a certain part of the building we couldn't get too and there were police cars outside and walking around the building so not sure what was going on, and there is security living in his caravan on site. Bit of history: Established in 1947, Lyte have been manufacturing aluminum and glass fiber access equipment for over 60 years. Ladders & Towers from Lyte have been used in many countries all over the world and for all sorts of reasons. Manufactured in Swansea, Lyte are proud to be one of the few companies still producing products in the UK. The majority of the Lyte portfolio is manufactured at the factory in South Wales. As the business has done well they have now re-located to a bigger and better location. Here goes: There were a lot of little rooms like this which looked liked the main machinery was kept. Unfortunately they are all in pieces now There were loads of big cookers, oven's and refrigerators: There is a Jennie in this part of the building that runs to the caravan where security live !! There were stacks and stacks of brand new ladders: This part of the building truly was trashed That's it for now
  5. Thanks for giving me a heads up on that. very interesting
  6. Wow yeah mate awesome pics. Love the site. I looked at someone else's report on this place but their pictures were shit so didnt think it was worth visiting, thanks for restoring my faith!! Defo going to visit this place now
  7. Came across the website about a year ago. And its genuine too which is rare They will pay for for each CD or DVD you have just is in its original case and has a barcode on it. You have to enter the barcode and it will recognise it and show you what they will give you for it. You have to have 50 in your basket before you can submit and they pay the postage. What i've been doing is adding all the ones I have and saving the list and just adding as I go along. I finally completed the 50 (well I had 56) and got £43.79, of for a bunch of things i didnt want. www.magpie.com
  8. No sorry to be honest we were aware the owner was going back and for and the fresh tread marks in the snow we didnt stay long and it was freezing, I slipped in the snow and got tar over a new jumper i was wearing so i wasnt impressed. It was just a flying visit really
  9. Well I came across this little beauty through a mutual friend. Considering I have live in this count for the past 7 years I never even knew this castle existed!! Well it may as well not to be honest because it is well hidden amongst the forrestry with a few farms not so far from it. Didnt take that long to find it re4ally but you have to walk up ONE Hell of a hill, and its a bomper!! But well worth it. Ruperra Castle was built in 1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, who was knighted by King James 1st. It was a typical Jacobean courtier’s house, an example of the ‘Great Rebuilding’ of the 16th and 17th Centuries. King Charles 1st stayed there in 1645 raising support after the Battle of Naseby After being destroyed by fire in 1785 the castle was rebuilt and the original gables replaced by battlements. In 1941 the Castle was once again destroyed by fire when British troops were billeted there. After the War the estate was sold as a farm. The castle has stood, a ‘romantic ruin’ overgrown with vegetation and deteriorating for over 50 years. The owner bought the castle and had plans to turn it into a housing estate but was refused planning permission and it is now a grade 11 listing building. Got some pics for you hope you enjoy Here's the entrance, if you look in amongst the trees you can just about see the castle Inside the courtyard Recent tread marks in the snow??? Hmmmm I wonder if it will start????? There she is...The little beauty Thanks for looking
  10. aww thanks! Very kind of you to drop a note. Im gona try and get some up over the next few days
  11. Hello All, Well this is my first post on here so I hope it meets your high standards. Will probably be a few errors but all a learning curve. Im only using a digital camera havent got one of those smart ones yet unfortunately so hope the quality is ok for you. We explored a little hotel in Clydach, near Abergavenny (On the Black MOuntains) called 'The Rock and Fountain'. It's a decent size but part of it has been set on fire so there is no roof or floor etc. The rest is in pretty good nick. Well as pretty good as an abondened pub could be I suppose! Havent got much history on this place unfortuantely. But I have found out the reason why it closed is because the owners relocated to a pub called 'The Drum and Monkey' which funnily enough is only a short distance up the road. Not sure when this place opened but I know it has been derelict now for a very long time. Well worth a look around to anyone that is in the area though. Now for the pics, please let me know what you think guys Nice bit of wood on their doors! Suprised they are still there This is where the fire would have been...Night time shot though so a bit dark sorry This is upstairs in the Master Bedroom This was the shower!! Very modern indeed !!!! Im assuming this is where the pikies had their fun with the copper pipes!! Shower! Probably the only thing untouched as there was no floor apart from the shower block Alot of the guest rooms were affected by the fire and the floor is either gone or very dodgy !! And thats your lot folks!! Thanks for looking
  12. Ahhh...Cwm. Well I only been there once but comparing it now to some of the great pics I've seen on here to me..it looks a lot different. I got black when I went, I dont know if thats the norm but wasnt expecting it. We are well up for going back as we didnt get to climb all the way to the top so be nice to see the view !!! If your from this area give us a shout maybe we could meet up...you could show us a trick or two?? (as we are quite new to this)
  13. LOL 2 and a half yers old!! Ooops. Sorry Im new to these sites I didnt realise!